Lord K – The Project Hate , Torture Division, ex – God Among Insects




Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall  

Thanks to Vic Records for the promo pictures of the band taken by: Peter Herneheim, Cissi Snell, Sandra Alexandersson, Martina Elmanovits, Cecilia Kri



The Project Hate, led by the infamous death metal genius Lord K, is back with a brand new album titled THE LUSTRATRE PROCESS as well as a the long awaited release of their debut album recorded back in 1998. Things have happened in the Hate camp since I last talked to Lord K so I was eager to hear from him.  We talked about the new album and what Lord K had been up to since our last get-together. Buckle up and follow me on a wild ride with the demon wizard Lord K.


Hi Lord K, how are you? Are you ready to once again to do an interview with metal-rules.com?

First off, let me just say that you’ll have to fix all the typos in this interview. If you send me a fucking piece with 400 questions you can bet your ass I am not going to proofread it all too much. So, to answer your question – yeah, I am ready for another massive piece. This is going to take me fucking years to complete, but anything for art, huh?

Lets start with talking about the new The Project Hate album THE LUSTRATE PROCESS that came last year, how long have you worked with the album?

The music was completed in a period of a few months. Me and guitarist Anders just pissed out so much material in such a short period of time – it was insane. Then again, I always work with the material until it’s actually being mastered, but the huge, basic ground for the music just took a few months or something. Completing the lyrics and whatnot, get the guys and girl to record took a little longer. Especially J’s vocals took some months, simply because he’s got kids and not so much free time. But this I know and I don’t have any problems with it because that’s how the situation looks, you know. I have the best death metal vocalist in the world in this band so if he needs some months to find time to complete the vocals, who the fuck am I to complain about it. Anyway, working on details and get everything right took longer than composing for the actual album. It was a sweet process and it ended up leading to the finest recording for my career so far. As with all the other albums of ours – it’s a masterpiece, only this one is the finest of them. Until we record the next piece of domination, that is.

You and Anders Bertilsson wrote the music for the album. How was it to co-write the music?

Pure joy. As I said, we pissed out music. We had some insane magic between us during those writing sessions and the stuff literally just poured out of us. I like to work with different people, all of them bring something new into the fold and they also make me evolve as a musician and composer. Writing for "The Lustrate process" was, to quote Roxette, a joyride.


As on the previous albums have you written the lyrics together with Jorgen Sandstrom and Jonna Enckell, what’s most positive with writing material together with other people? And are there any negative things with co-writing material?

Sometime we work it like that, sometimes we don’t. I or J always write our stuff first and then leave the story written to the girl in the band for her to write her stuff based on ours. Sometimes J contribute, most of the time he doesn’t. If he feels inspired he can write something in just a matter of hours and I like it when he gives a fuck, ha ha… Mostly I do the lyrics though and then I work together with the girl in the band and re-arrange her lyrics in case there’s stuff in them that I don’t really approve of, or if I believe I can make the stuff better. I don’t see any negatives in working together to answer your second question there. Everything goes though the "Lord filter" in the end anyway.

When you write material for The Project Hate what do you do first, compose the music or write the lyrics?

Always the music. Though I always write stuff and sentences that pop up in my head down for use for future songs, but I never write lyrics and base a tune on that. I use those things to base lyrics on after the song is completed music wise.

Is it hard to gather the band to rehearse? I mean there are quite many members in the band?

Since we do not rehearse, it’s easy as shit. After all the years and all these interviews that you have done with me you should fucking know that we are a studio band and nothing else.

The album contains 60 minutes of music but “only” 7 tracks, was it given that you were gonna write longer songs to THE LUSTRATE PROCESS?

We have always had long songs and "TLP" is no different. Our last album had 7 songs as well and pretty much the same running time. This is nothing new, this is how we work. 7-9 songs, over an hour of playing time. That’s our concept.

You have in previous interview said that you’re a fan of songs with long titles which is something you have managed to place on the new album as well, are you happy with the outcome of the songs? Do you have any particular favourite song on the album?

I am happy like a fucking foreskin in a condom shop. Nope, I don’t even know what that means. I am so satisfied with "TLP" it’s not even sane. The titles, the track order… Everything is so planned, so worked on. There’s a meaning with everything on that album. I have never paid so much time to details and I have never worked so hard on anything before in my life. I am absolutely at peace with it being my life’s work so far. Favourite track? I can’t pick one. I must pick them all.

What are the lyrics about this time?

If you ever figured out what we are about, you should know by now… We have been around for over 10 years you know.

Does the title of the album THE LUSTRATE PROCESS have any special meaning to you and the rest of the band?

To the rest of the band? No. To me? Absolutely. Read the title, taste it, think about it… Oh yes, it has got a very fucking special meaning to me. This is the lustrate process…

Marko Saarelainen has done the cover art-work, what do you think of it? Do you think it represents the music and feeling of the album?

Marko is absolutely amazing. He’s been with us longer than most members of the band, that should say something about me liking his artwork and so forth, huh? The cover for "TLP" is incredibly astonishing and the fact that I have 2 framed versions of it in The Dungeon (where I do guitars and bass, work with our albums etc) says quite a bit. It represents the album and the atmosphere better than any cover ever could. Marko is a fucking phenomenon and I demand you check out his stuff at www.leiskuva.net. If you are in a band, hire Marko for your artwork.

Are you happy with the other members efforts on the album?

Absolutely, or it wouldn’t be there. As time passes by you always find things you could improve, but you have to remember that every recording represents what you are doing at the moment of recording it. "TLP" is perfection. And now we will step up and make things even more interesting with the next album. That’s how we work it.

You have taken on the role as bass player on the album, how does that feel and why are you handling the bass now?

I used to play bass on the albums before Michael joined the fold. We haven’t heard anything from Michael in a long time and he hasn’t even said anything about the new album so we just figured he’s not interested in doing this anymore. I have no problem with that. Michael is an ace dude and I wish him nothing but the best. Fantastic bassist too. I feel great about doing bass again after leaving that work to Michael for 2 albums. I love to play bass and i will continue to do so on future albums.

You are also taking care of keyboards and programming, you are surely a multitalented man, which area do you think you master the best?

I rate my guitar playing highest. I can play a lot of shit but I master none of them instruments, and that’s not important to me. I know I am an ace rhythm guitarist, and that’s nice. But ask me to play a solo… Or, rather don’t.

How much do you sing on this new album compared to your previous ones?

I’m not even sure I do anything at all vocal wise on "TLP"… I’m trying to think of something but can’t remember I did anything as far as vocals go… And usually I just do the occasional spoken thing or some screams. I fucking suck at vocals, and that’s no secret either, ha ha… I leave that shit to the pro’s, like Jörgen Sandström.

THE LUSTRATE PROCESS are jammed with guest appearances from LG Petrov, Johan Hegg, Martin Van Drunen and Mike Weed to mention a few, how did they end up on the album?

It was just a matter of opportunities taken care of, a few e-mails, MySpace or a drunken trip on a ferry to Finland. I don’t have the strength to go into detail since I have answered this a thousand times in various interviews. Let’s just say that the all-star line up of our guests is a dream come true for us. We can never thank them enough, and some of them will definitely appear on the next album as well.

You have also have guest appearances on your previous albums, do  you think you’re gonna carry on with that on future albums as well?

Oh, absolutely. There’s always people that I know would contribute to what we do that I would wanna have on an album. You can’t get them all but you can get a lot of them. Guest contributions is a great thing and something I cherish and will keep in TPH. Also, in today’s modern era with the internet it’s easy to get people to help out and send their contributions over e-mail and so forth. Technology sure improved that shit over the years. It’s when thinking about the early 90’s and how you worked back then  that you remember that you are not a kid anymore, ha ha…

Your previous album IN HORA MORTIS NOSTRA was released in 2007, do we have to wait another two years before we can buy the next The Project Hate album in stores?

I have no idea. The album is done when it’s done. Have in mind that creating for TPH is hardly like creating for any other standard band. What we do takes a lot of time and more work than it takes for a normal band to create an album. We have so many more layers to work with, so much more depth than what you get with just guitar/bass/drums and vocals. This is on another level composing wise. This shit takes a lot of time to get right and that’s why it sounds like it does too. i will never stress out an album, i write when the time is right, when the stuff comes to me. I plan to have the new material written this year, the whole next album… I also hope to be able to record it in full or in parts during 2010. I don’t think it’ a chance it’s going to be released this year, but you never know.


Do you think that The Project Hate have developed musicwise through the years? If so in what way or direction?

I can’t speak for the others but I know I have developed tremendously during the course of the last few albums. I don’t think J has evolved for shit, simply because he’s already the best so he’s safe at that position, ha ha… I notice my development when I play things I know I couldn’t pull off a few years ago. That is a good feeling. I have no ambition being the best guitarist out there, I just have the ambition to create the best music I possibly can to satisfy myself. As a whole I think TPH reached a new level from 2003’s "HDCE" album to this one. That’s where it all started really, that’s when we got on the path leading us to where we are today. You can hear the progression in song writing over the albums, the amount of layers used, the atmosphere present… I am very satisfied as for how we have evolved. And now phase 2 just started…

You have dedicated every single word and tone to the late Mieszko Talarczyk who so tragically past away in the Tsunami in Thailand a few years ago, do you still miss him as musician/producer and friend?

We weren’t friends in that sense but we had a mutual respect for each other and I liked recording with him. Of course we all miss the fucking guy and I can never thank him enough for making us step up on "HDCE" back in 2003. He sure helped us to take TPH to another level and that album or our overall sound wouldn’t have been what it is on that album if it wasn’t for him.

Most artists do think that their latest album is their best one, can you agree on that with THE LUSTRATE PROCESS?

Without a doubt. People will always have their specific favourite album and I am fine with that, but I do music to satisfy myself and when it comes to "TLP" it’s the best album we have ever done. I am so proud of what we achieved on it, like I am with every album, but "TLP" is really special to me.

My bio says this about the album “ THE LUSTRATE PROCESS is intense, annihilating, yet epic, beautiful and a serene metal album. Nothing comes close to this beast” what’s your comment on that statement?

It’s a great description and it’s 100% true. I dare you to find anything in the world of music that sounds like us. You can’t, because there is nothing to find. We are unique.

Studio work

You have again chosen to record the album in various studios, why not stick to only one studio?

Because we don’t work like your normal band and because we have tons of guest contributions. Everyone and their mother’s got someone with a studio close to them now, which is great. There is no reason for Jörgen to come to my city and record vocals when he can do it with his neighbour and friend when there is time, in his studio. Why should I get someone like Mike Wead here when he can record his solos in his studio? It’s all files and whatnot anyway so where it’s recorded doesn’t matter in the end when we hand it over to Swanö for the mixing process. We will always use several studios. It’s convenient and it doesn’t affect the outcome. The days of recording in one studio from start to finish for us are long gone.

Have you been a part of the work process in all of the studios?

Hardly so. It would be tough to go to Holland to coach Martin van Drunen when he’s doing guest vocals, you know. But I always make sure to explain what I am after and so forth so it turns out satisfactory.

Where have the guests on the album recorded their parts?

In their own studio or in a friend’s studio.

You have also produced the album, what do the rest of the members think of your producer skills?

I wouldn’t say I am a producer in that sense, but I do keep an eye on everything and determine how it’s all going to sound in the end. I don’t mix or anything, I can’t work that shit and I’m not interested in it either. I’m producing as far as having the final word on the whole process goes.

Do you like to produce? And what do you think is your strongest feature as producer?

I love to produce my own stuff because it’s my vision and my pride and joy to finalize something I have created with my friends. To see the songs move towards completion is fantastic. I love that process. When it comes to strongest feature I’ll say my attention to details. You will never ever understand how much time I spend on small stuff when it comes to TPH.

Have you produced anything else beside The Project Hate?

Not in the sense that I went into a studio and helped a band in the whole process, nope. Because I am not interested in it.

Are there any other acts that you would like to produce in the future?

No. But I am open for a collaboration with The Prodigy.

You and Dan Swano did mix the album together, how was it to work with Swano this time?

As always – fantastic. Swanö is such a fucking great guy with knowledge about this mixing and recording shit i could only dream of. I don’t need to learn all that shit – I have Mr. Swanö but a phone-call away and he always helps me out. Can’t thank the guy enough, really.

I did interview Swano a while ago and asked him how it was to work with you and he said “Kekko is a kick ass dude and he is way more talented than he give himself credit for too”, it seems that you two are good friends, what do you think of his words about you?

We do not "hang" and party if that is what you are aiming at. We are more like 2 musicians who work awesome together and have a great amount of respect for each other’s work and work ethics. Usually when we talk it has something to do with music. We don’t call each other up and discuss the weather. I love Dan, the guy is a fucking phenomenon on all accounts and his assistance over the years has been invaluable. I wish him nothing but the best and I look forward to work with him for many years onwards.

Old and new members

What happened with drummer Mojjo and bassist Michael Hakansson, they’re not featured on the new album?

I already mentioned Michael’s absence earlier in this interview so I’ll skip that one. Mojjo had conflicting schedules when it came to recording "TLP" so we decided to part ways since I couldn’t postpone the recording, and i didn’t want to. The core has always been me and Jörgen anyway, you know. We have been there since the beginning. People will always come and go, and we thank them all for what they have contributed to TPH while they were with us.

Are you guys still friends though they’re not in the band anymore?

I hold no grudges towards anyone who had to leave for one reason or the other. The only one of the ex-members I am still hanging out with is old guitarist Petter though, simply because he lives in this town and we have been friends since I moved here more than a decade ago.

And also guitarist Freed has left, why?

His heart wasn’t in it anymore, simple as that.

Was their departures expected?

Absolutely. But no one is irreplaceable, you know.

New guitarist is Anders Bertilsson, how did he end up with you guys and what has he been involved in before joining The Project Hate?

Well, he’s been with us a few years now so I wouldn’t exactly call him "new". We started to hang out, got drunk together and when you have 2 guitarists getting drunk together and there are guitars in the apartment – there’s a huge chance you pick those axes up and start to jam. That’s what we did and eventually we had the whole "TLP" album finished. We actually wrote everything together without Anders being in the band. His membership became reality later on. He played in a band called Ruin before joining Coldworker. I don’t know if he played in any other bands before that, and I don’t give a fuck.


Is he a solid member of the band now?

He’s been a solid member since a few years back, yes.

Thomas Ohlsson came in to replace Mojjo but Ohlsson has now also left and new drummer is your old colleague from Torture Division Tobben Gustafsson, do you think that Gustafsson is right man for the job as drummer in The Project Hate?

I don’t think there’s a better guy for it. Tobben has always been one of my absolute favourite drummers so it’s a fucking miracle this didn’t happen earlier. It’s weird, we haven’t even discussed him joining TPH before it actually happened just recently. I don’t know why, ha ha… It makes sense to have him with me; one of my best friends and one of the best and most interesting drummers around. He was destined to play with TPH.


Was it given that is was Gustafsson that was gonna replace Ohlsson?

There was no other candidate.

And now has also singer Jonna Enckell made her departure from the band, why?

Because I am looking for another type of voice now. I am going to make us step things up. I hate to play it safe, now is the time to upgrade The Hate, to challenge ourselves. 2010 is the year. Jonna’s done great since 2003 and I thank her for her work, but her time was up and now we enter phase 2…


The core of TPH has been you, Sandstrom and Enckell, can the band survive the loss of Enckell?

The core’s always been me and Sandström, no one else. Not only will we survive it, we will emerge more vicious than ever. I wouldn’t have made these changes if I didn’t know it was right. I have to follow the voices…


Ms. Rogue is the new singer, what can you tell us about her? She is from Portugal right?

Fantastic girl, fantastic voice, fantastic personality. Yes, she’s from Portugal. She also sings in Witchbreed, which is how I found her in the first place. She’s phenomenal and I look forward to work with her.

So there has been a turbulent time in TPH, how do you feel now? Are still as focused as before?

More focused than ever. It hasn’t been turbulent at all. Turbulence occurs when shit happens that you have no control over – I did all of these changes on purpose. Trust me, I know what I am doing.


What would it take for you to put TPH on ice?

When there’s no more inspiration to create music. That’s when it’s dead. if it happens, it happens. All things must come to an end. Funny thing is that now, after all these years, I feel more creative than ever. I absolutely love to go up at 4 in the morning and compose, record and amaze myself over what we are doing, ha ha…

You say on the TPH website that TPH is under a serious progression, what do you mean with that?

Wait and see, bitch.

Have you got any reactions from the fans on the new TPH members?

If I didn’t,  something sure would have been mightily fucked up. As I have said before, I don’t do music for the fans – I do music for myself. I can’t care about what people think about the changes or the music and adapt myself to that – that’s not how it works in my world. I remember how people whined about Mia being kicked out and replaced by Jo. Everyone and their fucking dog thought Mia was better and bla bla bla… Al of a sudden people seemed to realize the change actually had a purpose – to enhance the band. Now it’s the same thing: "Jo is better than Ruby, bla bla". No, she’s not. They aren’t even in the same field. They are completely different and should be compared like that if needed to be compared at all. If you prefer Mia, listen to the albums with Mia, if you prefer Jo, listen to the albums with Jo. I don’t force you to understand the changes at once and i don’t care. Listen to whateverthefuck you wanna listen to, I’m not making decisions with you in mind. Welcome to The Truth – I am here all day.

You have had programmed drums before on the earlier albums but since the last album you have featured live drums, what do you prefer the most, use programmed drums or a live drummer? I think the music now sounds more alive and the sound picture more vital with Gustafsson on drums.

We have had a real drummer for 2 albums now. Of course there’s a difference and you can never replace flesh with programming. I prefer real drums, of course. having Tobben on board now sure will make it interesting. That guy is fucking beastly when it comes to playing drums. It will be a challenge for him to pull this off considering TPH is not exactly playing the kind of music he’s used to.


You have left StormVox Records, why?

What’s the reason to be on a label who actually do not give a fuck about getting the album out to people. You can’t just put it up at iTunes and think you are going to sell millions.

Were you signed to many albums at StormVox?

Obviously not since we just did one album for them. That album sure deserved a better fate.

You are now signed to Vic Records from The Netherlands, what do you think of Vic Records work with launching your album so far? Are there any differences in how StormVox and Vic Records works in the line of promotion etc?

Is there a difference between a mosquito and a jumbo jet? Vic’s done a good job and I appreciate it and wish they will sell shitloads of albums so they can stay in business. I know Roel’s (chief of Vic) passion for his label and it’s great to see someone doing it for the right reasons. In these times of internet piracy it’s a bitch to run a label though, that’s for sure.


Do you see any problems with that Vic Records isn’t based in Sweden?

I don’t give a fuck where the label is at as long as they do their job. Maybe they should be happy they are not in Sweden since it’d be easier for me to visit them had they fucked up and pissed me off.

TPH have been signed to many different labels through the years, what have you learnt from the labels during the years, in both positive and negative meaning?

They are all scum. Some more, some less – but they are all scum. I can’t say much bad shit about Vic though, seriously, but ask me again in a year.

Is Vic Records releasing your album worldwide or do they have any distribution label that takes care of that?

I suggest you check their site for this information because I don’t really know. I concentrate on doing the music and expect the label to do their work in getting it to the stores and whatnot in case they wanna sell some fucking copies.

For how many albums are you signed for at Vic Records?

One more, I think.

Is Vic Records a permanent home now for TPH?

I have no idea. I wouldn’t mind though. But I don’t give much of a fuck actually, if they want nothing more to do with us – tough. It’s not like I’ll lose sleep over it. I’ll create music anyway. There’s always some label understanding that signing the world’s best band is a smart move as long as they know how to market us.

Do you have any idea in how many copies your previous album have sold in?

Not a fucking clue. A few hundred thousands, I guess. At least that’s what it deserves to sell.

Are there any plans on re-releasing any of your older albums, many of them are hard to find or sold out?

I think Vic’s been trying to get the rights to those older albums, or a few of them, with no luck. Either the label in charge of the particular album is fucking retarded to boot and will keep it without doing anything to make it available to people, or they want shitloads of money to give away the rights, the rights to a album they don’t even care about in the first place. It makes no sense, but they can do what the fuck they want.


TPH are also current with the re-release of INITIATION OF BLASPHEMY that was recorded in 1998 but was never released, what do you think of this album today?

If the plans to record the male vocals again with Jörgen, this album would be a hell of a lot better. The vocals by Micke are not good and that brings the album down. The production is OK and the album itself is a nice hint of what was to become The Hate. I have a lot of memories attached to that album and it means a lot to me though I can’t say I listen to it any longer.


Have you tried to re-release the album for a long time?

Absolutely not. I didn’t even think it would ever be released. Vic asked me if they could release it and who the fuck am I to deny that? It was just lying around anyway and it’s definitely the first piece if the puzzle that became TPH. It’s nice to have it out, it kinda completes the discography, you know.

From what I have understood aren’t you happy with the singer Mikael Obergs effort, why?

Well, the vocals are weak – simple as that.

It seems like you’re more content with Mia Stahls effort is that correct?

That’s the best effort she’s ever done on any recording with any musical activity. I don’t think she will ever top it either. Mia should be really proud of her work there. I sure am.

Are you playing all of the instrument on that album?

Yeah. There was this bassist who was supposed to play but simply sucked at it so in the end I did it.

You have written all of the music and almost all of the lyrics on that album, how was it to write most part on your own?

I was used to it from my previous bands so I had no problem with it. I like to work by myself even if collaboration can be fantastic.

The album was recorded in Sunlight Studio by the famous Tomas Skogsberg, how was it to record and to work with him?

It was great. Tomas was always excellent and we always had so much fun recording with him. I haven’t talked to him in a decade or so but I hope he’s OK and doing great. I love Tomas.

The disc was mastered in 2007 by Swano, why did it take so long to release this disc?

I think Vic was supposed to release it earlier but then ultimately decided on pushing the release forward, which I think was smart.

Back then was the band-name Deadmarch The Project Hate, why did you lose the Deadmarch part?

Wrong. The band was called Deadmarch. Using that moniker and the TPH moniker on the album is to weave together everything nicely.

Parts of the material on this album was also used to album number one and two with TPH, how much of the “original” material was used?

A few sections from the Deadmarch album ended up on the 2 first TPH releases, yes. But no full songs or anything. I started the concept of what I wanted to do with Deadmarch but when I fired up TPH I wrote new material based on the way I paved with Deadmarch and its demise.

Do you have any fun memories from the recording sessions that you can share with us?

Actually, recording that album was a disaster for me personally. I had to record the guitars twice, and with this I mean all of the material, all overdubs… Just when I thought I had completed the guitars for all the tracks and had nothing but a few overdubs left Tomas noticed his new tape recorder couldn’t record properly so there was no way to make the overdubs of guitars sound natural. It sounded like shit. After 2 days of recording guitars I had to start over from scratch. I then recorded 3 guitars instead of the 4 I previously recorded because I had had enough of playing guitars. Then Micke (vocals) couldn’t perform in the studio and went home to do his vocals in the rehearsal room with his portable tracker. I think he felt like shit after Jörgen came in and did some backing vocals, ha ha… Completely understandable.

Vic Records has now re-released this old album, what do you think of that?

I thank them for completing the discography, even if I believe the album won’t sell shit except for the die-hards who buy everything we release.


You are also featured on the video game Rock Band, how did TPH end on on a video game, it’s pretty cool in my opinion 🙂

Well, it’s some kind of download thing and that’s all I know. It’s not like we’ll be in the official game that’s buy-able in the stores. I haven’t heard shit from those guys in months but the teaser we got to see looked amazing. Hopefully they work that shit out, I have no idea.

You are very active on the fan forum on your website, is it fun to interact with the fans of TPH? Are you getting a lot of feedback from the fans?

I think it’s very important to interact with the people who support your music. If I can take 5 minutes off and answer some questions from someone who really holds us in high regards – why shouldn’t I do it? I thank them for giving a shit in the first place,

According to your website are you in the process of writing material to your seventh album, how far have you come?

I have started the walk but there’s quite a bunch of miles left before I am at the planned destination. This is a process I absolutely love. To create music that exceeds all the expectations I could ever have… Over and over again.

Can you reveal any name of any song on the album? Or maybe the album-title?

I think I already have the album title done, but nope – I won’t tell you. There are no song titles done, that will come when I start composing the lyrics. Music first – lyrics second.

When do you think a new album is gonna be available in stores?

Perhaps this year, perhaps 2011… I don’t know. I am not going to stress anything.

Do you get a lot of mail from fans? What’s the most common question you’ll get from fans?

We get some mail, not too much though. Most common question is when we are going to tour. Let me say it again – we won’t tour so shut the fuck up about it already. How many years do I have to repeat myself with this fucking issue?

Are you still convinced that never take TPH out on tour?

Take a wild fucking guess.

Do you think that your fanbase increases with every album release?

I have no idea. We are not a big band and I have no idea how many people know about us. A few thousand? Cool. More? Cool. I don’t care. I appreciate the fans we have, the people who let us know how much they appreciate what we do, but in the end we do this for ourselves.

The band have now been active for 10 years, where do you see TPH be 10 years from now?

I’ll see us as I do now – a legendary band with a discography that is absolutely fantastic. Maybe we are still releasing albums, maybe not. In 10 years you will know.

Are there any plans of doing anything special for the fans now that you have been active for 10 years? Maybe a live DVD or a video collection?

No. The special thing we will do is give them another album whether they like it or not.

TPH is considered as extreme metal icons and pioneers, could ever imagine that when you first formed the band?

I hardly think we are generally considered that, but I do understand some people might think so about us. They are right. We are icons and we are pioneers. We are your fucking gods.

Your website is always fresh and updated, who is the webmaster? Whoever he/she is are really a genius.

I am responsible for the updates but the design is yet another amazing work by Marko aka Statik Majik. And I know, i am a fucking genius. It’s great when other people notice though it makes no difference to me.

Do you have any words to those unlucky ones who haven’t discovered TPH yet?

Your life is empty.


Beside for world domination do you have any words of wisdom to the fans of Lord K and The Project Hate?

Fuck wisdom, we are only here for the chicks.

That was all I had for know. Thanks a lot for always taking the time to make an interview with me and metal-rules.com we truly appreciate it. I wish you all the best in the future and I still looking forward to see you live on a stage near me.

Another insane interview – thank you. I can guarantee you won’t see us on a stage near you in this lifetime. Now let me go back to working on the next album’s material.


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