The 69 Eyes on Back For Blood European Tour 2010 at The Rock in Copenhagen, Denmark




The 69 Eyes

Back For Blood European Tour 2010

Mandragora Scream  – special guest

Nightlight – support act

The Rock



16/1 – 2010


Reviewed and pictures by: Anders Sandvall






The first live show for me after having a well needed Christmas and holiday break was The 69 Eyes show at The Rock in Copenhagen. But in order to see the Helsinki Vampires I had to get out in the cold and snowy weather and cross the bridge to the capital of Denmark but hey, what wouldn’t you do in order to see the legendary Goth act live? Two days before the show was to take place the special guest act Christian Death canceled their appearance which meant that the scheduled support act Mandragora Scream was promoted to the special guest position. The Danish act Nightlight was called in as support act.

The 69 Eyes is out promoting their brilliant album BACK IN BLOOD which was released last year. It is clearly one of the best Gothic metal albums of last year. I read a review regarding the bands gig in Stockholm that took place a few days before this particular show and the reviewer were blown away by the bands performance so I was really anxious and eager to see the band live. As always I was a bit early to the show, unluckily the show competed against the annual Danish Metal Award ceremony that took place across town so I was also anxious to see how many people were gonna show up to see The 69 Eyes. However, my concerns were not justified, when I came to the club there was a line forming outside the venue and the later it got the more people showed up. When the club opened 15 minutes late and we were let into the warmth of the club everyone ran down to the floor to be able to stand right in front of the stage to see their idols in close-up.


First up on stage was the support act Nightlight that played groovy hardrock. Even though Nightlight didn’t have many fans in the club the band did a great job and I could see that the members were skilled and that they had great fun on stage. The singer said that even though they were nominated for an award at Danish Metal Award they rather played for their fans at The Rock instead of being at the award. Nightlight did a good show that lasted for about 30 minutes. After that it was time for change of gear and a line check and then it was time fir Mandragora Scream to enter the scene.


Mandragora Scream

The special guests came from Italy and I had never heard of them prior to this gig. Their music was described to me as Gothic dark metal and the members are:

Morgan Lacroix – vocals

Furyo – drums

Terry Horn – guitar

Max River  – bass

But even though the musical sounded good on paper did Mandragora Scream disappoint me big time. I thought their music was nothing but boring, pale and mellow radio friendly Goth rock with a singer that couldn’t sing in English. She didn’t have much of contact with audience either and the back track parts of the music didn’t work to the bands benefit. There were a few people in the crowd that seemed to enjoy the music however was the big mass more reluctant towards this lame attempt of playing Goth metal music. The pain ended after 45 looong minutes and I made a promise to myself to never listen to this band again, a promise that isn’t hard to keep.

When I looked around in the venue I noticed that more had turned up, and even though The 69 Eyes music appeals to many various kinds of people the majority of visitors this evening were dressed in black and Gothic clothes, and the vast majority of the crowd consisted of girls in all kinds of shapes and ages. The stage was dominated by a huge drum set and a huge back drop with the bands logo on it.




The 69 Eyes

While the intro was playing the members stood in a stairway close to the stage, a bunch of girls saw them standing there and they pointed and screamed at the members. The members are as always:

Jyrki 69 – vocals

Bazie – guitar

Timo-Timo – guitar

Archzie – bass

Jussi 69 – drums

The show began strong with the title track from their brand new studio album BACK IN BLOOD and the ecstatic audience screamed out their happiness when they heard the first notes of the song. Jyrki 69 looked cool in his black leather pants, black leather jacket and sunglasses. On his one side stood Timo-Timo all dressed and black and mohawk and on the other side stood Archzie that also looked really cool. The show continued on with more excellent songs like “Never Say Die” and “The Good The Bad & The Undead” also taken from the latest album. Jyrki spoke in English and said that it was great to be back in Copenhagen and then he introduced another amazing song in “Dance D’Amour”. It i’s not hard to understand why the Danish people loved the Helsinki Vampires. “Lips Of Blood” followed and the members that took the biggest advantage of the huge stage floor were the singer and guitarist. Jyrki 69 announced that it was time for a classic song in “Gothic Girl” and when the audience heard that they exploded in joy. Everyone sang a long with Jyrki 69 and it was a mighty feeling standing there and hearing everyone in the venue singing along with the song. Jyrki 69 is a really charismatic front man and even though he didn’t run around on stage like a maniac he always had the crowd looking at him. More songs that followed were “Suspiria Snow White”, “The Chair”, “Kiss Me Undead” and “Perfect Skin” which Jyrki 69 dedicated to all the ladies in the audience. During the last song Jyrki 69 sat down on the edge of the stage singing while he looked a girl straight in the eyes. There were no fences this night so you can imagine the pressure against the stage that occurred during that session.






It was fun to see drummer Jussi 69 in action, he drummed as if it was no tomorrow. He stood up and played and he was totally mad , it seemed like he battered the hell out of his instrument. The band sounded really tight and the songs sounded more heavy live compared to on album. “Dead N Gone”, “Hunger” and the older song “Feel Berlin” continued and once again did the audience let loose. Jyrki 69 let the crowd sing the chorus to the last song and it sounded mighty to hear the entire venue once again sing a long. The two last song from the ordinary set was the coming new single “Dead Girls Are Easy” and “Devils”, after that had 75 minutes passed and the guys were really sweaty to say the least.

After having shouted for more the band entered the stage to kick off the first encore titled “Brandon Lee” which was followed by the amazing song “Lost Boys” which is almost The 69 Eyes signature song. After those two songs the band had been on stage for about 90 minutes and it was time to close the show. This show was 90 minutes of pure magic. The band and the audience did a great job together and created a show that no one will easily forget. Maybe I missed a few older songs but that didn’t do so much, their new material is as brilliant as the old classical songs.



The band totally drained The Rock of all blood and power this evening, they totally ran over everyone and it was fun to see that they are so loved by the Danish fans. When I met up with Jyrki 69 during the day he said that he wasn’t sure if the band had got any fans in Denmark because he hadn’t signed any autograph or so to any Danish citizen before, but now he knows that the band is highly loved in Denmark.







A big thank you goes to Signe Andersen at The Rock for help with press/photo pass to the show.

The great security and staff at The Rock should also have a warm thank you.


More info about the band



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Never Say Die

The Good The Bad & The Undead

Dance D’Amour

Lips Of Blood

Gothic Girl

Suspiria Snow White

The Chair

Kiss Me Undead

Perfect Skin

Dead N Gone


Feel Berlin

Dead Girls Are Easy



Brandon Lee

Lost Boys


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