The Kandidate – Until We Are Outnumbered

Reviewed: February 2010
Released: 2010, Napalm
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

A vicious Hardcore/Thrash debut featuring the former violent spit man Jacob Bredahl from Hatesphere, UNTIL WE ARE OUTNUMBERED meld all the best things in the respective genres into speedy guitar driven crossover. A lot of the attention the past year or two has been on the current retro Thrash trend. The Kandidate borrow a bit here and there, but this is decidedly not retro, rather a ferocious aural attack balanced between both ends of the spectrum.

Bredahl\’s vocals are of the soaring \’jump in the pit and punch a face\’ variety, weighty and stalwart. Add to that the occasional resonant chorus like on \’Give Up All Hope\’ and \’Live a Lie\’, and the peculiar riff of a tune like \’Distress and Decay\’. But the intelligence of this record is in its simplicity. In an era where everyone needs to be super technical, The Kandidate come at you with simple groove laden and crushing riffs, massive sonic beat downs.

This thing just cruises along, song after song, each very short but full, all the while unrelenting. It sort of has that old school Hardcore vibe, where nothing is impossible, where the flow of the music makes you feel unstoppable, a whirlwind of power and anger. Yet UNTIL WE ARE OUTNUMBERED, like Thrash compared to Hardcore, remains completely in control of itself, focused and self assured in its talents and ability. Given that these guys are Danish, if this disc doesn\’t make an impact, then something is certainly rotten in the state of Denmark.


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Track Listing:
1. Strength Through Diversity
2. Give Up All Hope
3. Shut \’Em Up
4. Distress and Decay
5. In Hell
6. …We Conform to the Unrighteous
7. Live a Lie
8. The Kill
9. Enemy
10. Yours Truly

Allen Tvedebrink : Guitar
Jacob Bredahl : Vocals
Dennis Buhl : Drums
Kasper Boye Larsen : Bass