Sunn O))) – Tavastia Helsinki Finland


The 19th of January 2010

Tavastia Helsinki, Finland

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Sunn O))) reformed by Stephen O’Malley and Greg Andersson has reached ultimate underground cult status with their epic slow and heavy drone doom approach. The band’s ultra slow doom parts could be agonizing for some, whereas others finds it nothing but a pleasant way of tormenting ears with a sonic assault. Sunn O))) definitely presents the different kind of genre of the doom metal what the more mainstream crowd has adopted. Therefore, there were all kinds of music lovers from metal heads to alternative fans in the attendance. It wasn’t an unexpected surprise that the Tavastia club was nearly packed when Sunn O))) got on stage to unleash their utter dark and heavy doom march. Before Sunn O))) the Finnish Pharaoh Overload had been chosen to open up for Sunn O))).

As for Pharaoh Overload, well this kind of stuff could be expected to be heard at Roadburn as the band would fit more than perfectly to the roster of that festival. The five piece mixed slow doom parts with an eccentric sounding psychedelic approach and some cool sounding effects had been added to create the valuable and rich effects into the sounds. The band created some kind of hallucinated trip to another world for sure. Another interesting thing about Pharaoh Overload was there was on signing at all, only just “thank you” when concluding the set. Interesting band interesting stuff indeed.

There was no safety fence between the stage and the crowd had packed against the stage. The  result made the atmosphere on the floor feel authentic. Several smoke machines started pushing smoke all around the club. The long and creepy intro started roaring out of the loudspeakers and more and more the stage started getting covered by the dense smoke.

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The club was entirely bathed in smoke and seeing the stage became more or less impossible. Two hooded guys showed up on the stage with their instruments and the blue light lit them a little bit. They truly looked like ghosts at the graveyard. The first depressing heavy riffs were literally unleashed from the loudspeakers. Without the earplug, there would have been obviously permanent damages in the ears. Slow and heavy tunes literally tormented the ears in the uncompromising and merciless.

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The recognizable figure with the hood placed over his head stepped onto the stage, and judging by the insane personal brutal vocal style, it turned out obvious that Mayhem vocalist Attila Csihar handled all the vocal duties. His incredible way to use his voice is nothing but tremendous and admirable.  Attila’s personal, unique, and recognizable way of using his voice is something amazing truly going beyond the normal comprehension.

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The sounds had been turned to an insane loud level making everyone’s chest pound and heart pump twice as hard while our ears bleed. Sunn O))) is known for using a tremendous loud and up-to-the-limit maximum sound level for gigs.

The gig of Sunn O))) was a surrealistic experience from the beginning to end. Attila’s brutal and unique voice and mystical figure create a real haunting feeling. The whole show could be described by the words “magic and ritualistic”. Sunn O))) gigs feel like they are carried out with a ritualistic approach.

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