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INTERVIEW WITH J. ALONSO FROM “DAWN OF TEARS” Interviewed by Kyle Moore (The Metal Magnus)

Dawn of Tears is a relatively new Spanish melodic death metal band that is deserving, yet long overdue for some real publicity in the metal world. Comparing their sound to other bands doesn’t serve them properly; their distinguishing mark is their ability to write a killer song, while seamlessly blending musical influences from all over the metal spectrum without breaking a sweat. Here’s my interview with vocalist J. Alonso.

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Tell me how you guys met up and formed Dawn of Tears.

J.L Trébol formed D.O.T. around 2000, and I met the band one year later, because they were searching for vocalist and I was searching for a band… So both of us were searching for the same dream and it started from there!

When I listen to Dark Chamber Litanies, there are so many different elements from all over the metal realm that I can’t quite pin them down! You draw form a lot of complex sources, and it leads to a pretty unique musical atmosphere. Whom do you cite as your primary musical influences?

We always say that DOT it´s an eclectic band, ‘cause we love so many styles of metal. We are influenced by trash metal, power metal, gothic, black, death, doom…we are really open to any kind of sources. We usually cite a few bands like Dark Tranquility, Sentenced, Cradle of Filth, Children Of Bodom, In Flames, Blind Guardian… maybe we are a mix of them all and, finally, we add our personal touch and feeling too, I guess…

Dark Chamber Litanies

Mr. Alonso – you have a multifaceted voice. You can do a heavy growl, a sung growl, and you also have a nice tenor voice in there too! Do you see yourself expanding your vocal arsenal for the next Dawn of Tears album?

I must confess that I haven’t got a vocal formation, ´cause I have never been formally taught and I know my limits. I don´t really see myself performing "Nessun Dorma" as a tenor, almost or the moment! I started to play guitar in my first band and I tried to just imitate other vocalists like James Hetfield and later Burton C. Bell, Dani Filth, Vile Laihiala and I´ve learned through the years to perform in my own way, but I must learn seriously with a teacher, that´s my plan. I´m sure that I will give much more for the band in the near future.

Musically, what direction do you all envision for the next Dawn of Tears album?

We´ve just started writing it and we are planning a mixture between "Descent" and "Dark Chamber Litanies". We wanna do the best we can, just like before. We would like to make our third release with a serious label, because we want to amplify our music to more people all over the world.

Do you have any plans to tour in the near future?

We never stop playing in our country, but our dream is to tour all over the world. That´s why we are searching for a serious offer.It´s pretty difficult for a self financed band to make it by ourselves but we are working hard to make it possible and share our dream with our fans.

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What were the main topics and ideas you wished to convey lyrically in this record? Do you try to approach each record with new ideals and motifs?

We try to tell a different story in each song, influenced by literature, role playing games, movies, gothic fantasy…, but sometimes we like to imagine original short stories. We take inspiration from 19th century world, medieval times… and we give personal contribution from feelings or emotions from our own lives. We try to treat the lyrics in a poetry way in each song.

You guys have enough talent to actually get paid for your musical efforts; why are you giving your stuff away online for free?

With our first edited demo "Echoes…", we tried to sign with a label, but we haven´t found a serious offer, so with our first released LP "Descent", we decide for self production and the only way for a global distribution and to let people know about us were the free downloading. Until now, we don´t have any reason to retract about that decision. The world of music and information has changed; there´s a new reality, and record companies must change the views. Either way, we give the opportunity to listen our music for free or buy the original CD. The promotion of the band is a primary objective for us.

How have you been treated in the metal press so far? Have you been compared excessively to any particular bands?

The response of press for an underground band like us, with no label…was great. A lot of them compare us with the best metal bands of melodic death metal, and to share podium with bands like Arch Enemy or Dark Tranquility in a webzine, it´s incredible. The metal press treatment it´s pretty positive all over the world and deserves our gratitude. D.O.T. has been compared with different bands, but no with one in special. We´re agree with those comments.

Tell me more about your label search.

We just finished our promotion work and now we´ll start to introduce the band for the labels (and start to knock the door of fortune…). Between our objectives are companies like "Nuclear Blast", "Century Media", "Roadrunner", etc… We want to sign with a company that gives us wings to spread our music everywhere. We´re open to hear offers and make the best for the band. We haven’t really compromised with our music and still believe in our dream.

Will your next album be longer, or will you stick with making EP’s?

"Dark Chamber Litanies" was conceived as an EP of transition between "Descent" and our next LP, but we haven´t got enough resources to make release at time, as we wanted to. So, our next release will be and LP, without a doubt and we are working now on it.

Tell me about your recording process on DCL.

For the nice results of "Descent" we had clear our decision. "Dark Chamber Litanies" was recorded in "Cube" studios in Madrid by the wise hand of Alberto Seara, and we found different tints in our sound. Maybe the next album will be a mix between both albums. We like to keep the atmosphere and orchestral arrangements from "DCL", but we want to rescue the rage of the guitars and aggressive riffs from "Descent". The experience in "Cube" is so familiar because we have a good relationship with Alberto. We saw that the music flow there, between the ideas of the band and the influence of Alberto. Something special happens when we record there, so we are pleased to spend our time with them and maybe for the next time, if it´s possible…

Official site: www.dawnoftears.com

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