Toxic Holocaust / Axegressor : Nosturi Helsinki



The 26th of November

Nosturi Helsinki Finland

The success of Toxic Holocaust fronted by Joel Grind has increased massively during the recent  years. Especially the younger generation of thrash metal have found Toxic Holocaust nothing but a killer thrashing combo as a plenty of young looking kids with old school t-shirts and pants attended the gig at Nosturi. Seeing the young generation thrashing and moshing is definitely a good sign for the whole metal genre. Before Toxic Holocaust unleashed a metallic maelstrom the domestic thrashers Axegressor hit the stage to command the kids to go berserk.

The Axegressor four piece debut simply titled COMMAND saw the light of day in the end of 2009 and proved these older guys are still able to crush both on the album and above all on stage. The band’s vocalist Johnny Nuclear Winter (eeh…what a name) turned out to be quite the funny guy with an eccentric sense of humour. The band made it quite clear they are not any emo band and were willing to see a real moshpit, not a stupid circle pit when kids are running like some marthon. The band intensively raged and thrashed on the stage and even sounded more brutal than on the album and more refreshing. The set mostly covered songs picked up from the debut album, but the most demanded song turned out “Luoti päähän”, causing a relentless raging amongst the kids. Killer set by these old scene boys.

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Toxic Holocaust didn’t waste much time, kicking the rampage on immediately. The kids literally went berserk in the pit causing insane ballistic chaos resulting that the older generation forced to take a few steps backward to follow the gig and drink their beer peacefully.

Joel Grind turned out to be a real humble person remembering to thank the audience for coming down to check out the band. The audience thanked as well and went out of control with rage. At some point of the gig, some things got out of the hand as a helluva lot of kids got on the stage to partake in some insane looking diving. Obviously there wasn’t kids enough to catch divers whereas the whole stage was totally occupied. The funniest part of the whole thing was a circle pit on the stage. The three piece raged app. 30 minutes which was quite short to say it honestly. However, the band covered the essential tunes such as  “War Is Hell” “666” “Nuke The Cross”. Hope to see Toxic Holocaust to unleash hell again in Finland!




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