Best of 2009 – Theis

Top 20

1. Cain’s Offering – Gather The Faithful

cains offering.jpg

Cain’s Offering delivers an astonishing performance as they push and push you through their album filled with power metal! Spearheaded by Stratovarius singer Timo Kotipelto, who sounds incredibly fantastic, they manage to give you pleasure in every aspect of “Gather The Faithful”.

2. Sirenia – The 13th Floor

One of the best quality albums of this year 2009. Sirenia has proved capable of creating yet another diverse and impressive musical album where allure is a key word along with its more darker elements and melodious composition.

3. Skyfire – Esoteric

4. Luna Mortis – The Absence

5. Epica – Design Your Universe

6. Delain – April Rain

7. This Ending – Dead Harvest

8. Deathstars – Night Electric Night

9. Crimfall – As The Path Unfolds

10. Iron Fire – To The Grave

11. Tyr – By The Light of the Northern Star

12. Månegarm – Nattväsen

13. Lunatica – New Shores

14. Eluveitie – Evocation 1 – The Arcane Dominion

15. Dark Moor – Autumnal

16. Grave Digger – Ballads Of A Hangman

17. Stratovarius – Polaris

18. Alestorm – Black Sails At Midnight

19. Katatonia – Night Is The New Day

20. Candlemass – Death Magic Doom

Best New Band

Cain’s Offering

Disappointments of 2009

Sonata Arctica – The Days of Grays

I am still in love with all of Sonata Arctica’s albums up until Unia which did not reach the same overall level of musical enjoyment as its predecessors. It was not a bad album, not at all but it was not great either. I had high hopes for The Days of Grays that disappeared as soon as I put my ears on the line for it. Featuring even more advanced compositions than Unia and cool creativeness it is not catchy and ultimately fails at thrilling me.



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