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Top 20 Albums of 2009

1. KISS: Sonic Boom

After eleven years of waiting we finally got new KISS album. SONIC BOOM is a great combination of 70’s and 80’s KISS and will please fans of both era’s. The whole band, especially Gene Simmons is,

are really good mood here and this album beats out PSYCHCO CIRCUS any day. The best tracks include Simmons’ "Nobodys’s Perferct", Stanley’s "Modern Day Delilah", "Stand" where Paul and Gene

share vocals and Eric Singer’s "All For the Glory"-


2. WASP: Babylon

3. Ace Frehley : Anomaly

4. Heaven and Hell: The Devil You Know

5. Saxon: Into The Labyrinth

6. Alice In Chains: Black Gives Way To The Blue

7. Slayer: World Painted Blood

8. Dream Theater: Black Clouds and Silver Linings

9- Megadeth: Endgame

10. Stratovarius: Polaris

11. Hardcore Superstore: Beg For It

12. UDO: Dominator

13. Paradise Lost: Faith Divideds Us, Death Unites Us

14. Amorphis: Skyforger

15. Europe: Last Look At Eden

16. Lynch Mob: Smoke and Mirrors

17. JORN: Spirit Black

18. Impellitteri: Wicked Maiden

19. Stryper: Murder By Pride

20. UFO: The Visitor


Overall, in new releases wise, this year was a way weaker than some previous years. It was actually hard to even remember twenty albums from year 2009…



DVD of the Year

HANOI ROCKS: Buried Alive


Best New Band

Steel Panther

Disappointments of the Year


New albums of Tim Owens, UFO and Queensryche:

Queensryche, it’s been fifteen years since thier last decent release (PROMISED LAND). Maybe I should give up for them, finally? With UFO it’s almost the same thing. The last truly great album WALK ON WATER was released 1995 but there’s still always have been some good material on each album since then. Tim Owens’s album is also a huge disappoinment. He’s one my favorite metal singers but after hearing this lazy and boring album I no longer wonder why he wasn’t allowed to do too much writing with his past bands …  Too much expectations here ?


Lita Ford

In brief, "Wicked Wonderland" is a horrible, childish and dull album. In addition to that, her performance at Swedenrock was something indescribably weak, one of the worst shows I’ve ever witnessed there. She should have stayed on her Tropic Island with Jim and boys instead of trying still to play "Metal Queen" … because she’s FAR from it nowadays…



Breakup of Hanoi Rocks: and new adventures of Andy McCoy.

I’m still very disappointed that Hanoi Rocks did break up. Fortunately I was lucky enough to see their last show ever in May. What’s even more disappointing is Andy McCoy and his new (already disbanded) band  REAL MCCOY. his band managed to do only three shows before the second guitarist Chris Shiflett (FOO FIGHTERS) decided to jump off the sinking boat and as a result the whole band broke up. Andy seemed to be in really bad shape both physically and musically… Hope he finds way to get himself on shape soon, otherwise his career is completely done.


Album sales.

It’s both sad and confusing to notice low sales figures of many top albums in 2009. New KISS album selling only something like 300 000 in U.S? Heaven and Hell sold only tens of thousands albums while their older albums sold platinium in 80’s.. What’s wrong with buyers today or is it just about Internet downloading? I don’t know…


Biggest hopes for 2010


New studio albums from Anthrax, Ratt, Krokus, Y&T and Alice Cooper.

I was really waiting for WORSHIP MUSIC with Dan’s vocals but with John it will be even better for sure! New RATT album is something unbelievable, something that was never going to happen and the same goes with Y&T. Krokus has never released bad albums and this one with classic line-up will not disappoint, I hope… Alice Cooper is another artist who never let’s you down. His current THEATRE OF DEATH -tour proved that the man is still in top form, can’t wait another album from him.


KISS "Sonic Boom over Europe" tour.

Something to wait for…. The stageshow looks fantastic, hopefully they will do some changes in setlist though.. Still haven’t decided how many shows I will check out this time …


Michael Monroe band.

Since Hanoi Rocks demise Michale has been writing new material with Ginger and other well known musicians. His new band will include Sam Yaffa (ex- Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls) the rest of the members will be announced in late spring. This is going to be a really interesting band and for sure way better than the McCoy fiasko.


Swedenrock 2010 and Sonisphere festivals.

Both festivals will have AMAZING line ups this year. Swedenrock gives us chance to see interesting smaller bands like: Raven, Danzig, Y&T and Anvil whereas Sonispere has all the biggest names like: Iron Maiden, Mötley Crue, Heaven and Hell, Alice Cooper, Slayer, the Cult, Anthrax etc…. Haven’t seen such a strong line-up anywhere since the glory years of Donington festival in late 80’s.

Best events/concerts of 2009

Ace Frehley: ANOMALY -European -tour

Alice Cooper: THEATRE OF DEATH -tour

Swedenrock Festival 2009

Hanoi Rocks: FAREWELL shows in club Tavastia

Michael Schenker Group: European tour 2009



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