Nonpoint – Cut The Cord

Reviewed: December 2009
Released: 2009, 954 Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida\’s hard rock four piece Nonpoint have issued this stop gap five song acoustic EP to hold fans over while they record their next full length album with producers Chad Gray and Gregg Tribbet (Mudvayne/Hell Yeah). Having recently split with record company Bieler Brothers, this is the first recording Nonpoint have released following the departure of founding guitarist Andrew Goldman.

\”What A Day\”, originally taken from the band\’s breakout album ALIVE AND KICKING is the first song on CUT THE CORD to undergo an acoustic facelift. Unlike an MTV Unplugged performance this EP was recorded professionally in the studio allowing vocal harmony overdubs and a surprisingly heavy drum sound. This gives songs like \”Circles\” a pretty unique play on dynamics, as the guitars are very soft on the listener\’s ear, while the drums are thunderous sounding in comparison. The result makes for something more akin to progressive blues based rock than the modern hard rock sound the band is noted for. \”Rabia\” picks up tempo wise and features a fiery performance from vocalist Elias Soriano singing entirely in Spanish. Lots of Latin percussion on this track to boot.

\”Victim\” sounds radio ready and could serve to gain some much needed airplay for this band who are in essence currently in a transitional period what with the split from their major label record company and the departure of a founding member. Closing out the disc is the gloomy ballad \”Your Signs\”, although track three \”Rabia\” probably would have made for a better closer considering it\’s probably the most upbeat track on the EP.

All in all, from my personal listener viewpoint; I have to say I am not much of a fan of acoustic renditions. Part of that is probably a contributing factor in what makes heavy metal my favorite music in the first place. I consistently crave a more electric, bombastic and often distorted approach. At the same time though, if you are a Nonpoint fan or completist, this EP offers up a little something different and considering the band\’s last recorded output was from 2007 it will serve some purpose if you\’re into this band. Otherwise this is not really representative or the band\’s sound or a good starting point for checking out Nonpoint.


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Track Listing:
1. What A Day
2. Circles
3. Rabia
4. Victim
5. Your Signs

Elias Soriano – Vocals
Zach Broderick – Guitars
Bastard – Bass
Robb Rivera – Drums