Meat Loaf – Bat Out Of Hell: The Original Tour (DVD)

Meat Loaf

Bat Out Of Hell: The Original Tour

2009, Eagle Vision

Rating: 4.5/5

Meat Loaf performing his infamous classic album back in the day. Does it get any better? This Rockpalast show has Meat Loaf doing just about every cut from one of the greatest selling album’s of all time; BAT OUT OF HELL. Accompanying him on stage are the Kulick brothers Bob and Bruce on guitar and Jim Steinman on piano and vocals. This performance is beyond what you’d expect, the stage is basic as are the lights but just his voice and performance are nothing short of mind blowing. Having seen some of his recent performance releases and enjoying them I will never enjoy them the same again. His voice was much, much better back then and he really put all he had into delivering the songs. Steinman’s intro’s are unexpected but fitting. He adds a great deal to the show.

This is the essential Meat Loaf concert release and the rest pale in comparison. While the footage itself is not crystal clear or perfect all the time it does capture the music and energy which is what matters.