D.O.A. – Kings Of Punk, Hockey And Beer


Kings Of Punk, Hockey And Beer

2009, Sudden Death Records

Rating: 4/5

Punk legends D.O.A. led by Joe ‘Shithead’ Keithly have just released what could be called the Ultimate Canadian album. This disc came about when Joe was thinking about all the corporate NHL crap and reached for a beer like a true Canadian.

It was several years back when D.O.A. recorded the BTO classic “Takin’ Care Of Business” and filmed the infamous video for it complete with Randy Bachman. The video featured the band having a friendly game of hockey. This may have been in the back of Joe’s mind when he came up for the idea for this album came about. What hockey related album would be complete without the inclusion of Stompin’ Tom’s “The Hockey Song”? This is one of the album stand outs as is the original “Beer Liberation Army”. The basic rhythm and humorous lyrics make for another D.O.A. classic.

As any fan of the band would expect there are no slow songs on here, just pure punk rock. KINGS OF PUNK, HOCKEY AND BEER is an ultimate Canadian album, period.