Bonafide live at the Release-party for their second album at KB in Malmoe, Sweden 2009





Release-party for the new album SOMETHING’S DRIPPING




19/9 – 2009


Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall







Malmoe’s hardest working acts Bonafide held a release party for their brand new studio album SOMETHING’S DRIPPING at the middle of September, the entrance was free and the band performed a couple of songs from the album. Quite a lot has happened since the band unleashed their debut back in 2007. They have signed on for a new label in Black Lodge and the band have toured intense in not only Sweden but also in Europe. The new radio single is called “Dirt Bound” and was released at the beginning of September and the guys threw a release party in Stockholm the day before the party in Malmoe.

Personally I have had problems understanding the greatness in the bands music. I thought the debut album was OK but nothing more and I wasn’t totally impressed and blown away by the bands retro 70’s groove which is highly influenced by AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and other acts in the same genre. So I didn’t have high expectations for SOMETHING’S DRIPPING at all so believe me when I say that I was surprised when I fell flat for the new album. I think that the new disc feels a lot stronger and varied compared to the debut. The producer Chips K have managed to take out the very best of the guys and the sound picture feels a lot heavier and a lot more edgier now. And the problems I have had with lead singer Pontus Snibb’s voice is gone. I don’t know what he has done with his voice but he sounds more solid and have a more varied vocal range than earlier. So I went to the party with higher expectations than I ever thought I could have when it comes to a Bonafide album.

I arrived at the club 15 minutes prior the doors was opened and noticed that not many had shown up in time to see the band. But once the door had opened people started to show up. I noticed that it was mainly family and close friends that had showed up in the beginning and later on came fans and other curious people. The members stood in the merchandise stand and were busy signing, talking and taking photographs with people. They also treated us with finger foods and beers while they were pumping out SOMETHING’S DRIPPING in the speakers.






Time flew by and suddenly it was time for the band to be on stage. The guys stood in front of a small backdrop and a few amps. But besides that the stage was empty. The band members are:

Pontus Snibb – lead vocals, guitar

Micke Nilsson – bass, b-vox

Michael Fassberg – guitar, b-vox

Sticky Bomb – drums

The crowd cheered and clapped their hands when the band entered the stage and the first song for the evening was “Dog”. Snibb stood in the middle with Fassberg and Nilsson beside him and it was no doubt who the band leader is. After the first sing did Snibb thanked everyone for being here and said that he saw that a lot of friends and family had shown up. Then followed “Down” and “No Doubt About It”. It felt like the band was more tight and together compared to before and it felt like the guys have really found their position and their own strength in the band. Snibb told us that the band had released a radio single at the beginning of September called “Dirtbound” and that it was time to play that song now. The audience stood still during the entire show and clapped their hands after each song. It was clear that this was not a “proper” show with drunken fans but a showcase and releaseparty with family and friends.







Next song on the set list was “Hard Living Man” which was followed by “Can’t Get Through” and “Straight Shooters”. In “Straight Shooters” which is a duet came Mia Coldheart from Crucified Barbara up on stage and joined Snibb on vocals. They two delivered a solid vocal performance and their voices fitted well together. Snibb continues the evening with saying that everyone who attended Sweden Rock Festival last year might recognize the next song which was “Fill Your Head With Rock”.






It felt like Bonafide has grown a lot as a live act and the appearance felt relaxed and it looked like all the members had a good time on stage. Drummer Sticky Bomb added a flow and a drive into the music and I think that he is one of the brightest shining stars on the album. “Butter You Up” was the last song from the ordinary set list and the band went off stage. But when the audience screamed for more came the band back up and did “Big Boss Man”. After that the show was over and Snibb said that the band was gonna come out on to the dance floor to talk to people a little closer.




Bonafide delivered 60 minutes of pure rock’n’roll spiced with 70’s influences. It was a solid show and I was really impressed by how the band have grown into their positions as a live act. This was far more solid than I could ever imagine. And if you’re interested in how Bonafide sounds I urge you to buy SOMETHING’S DRIPPING right away!




Set list



No Doubt About It


Hard Living Man

Can’t Get Enough

Straight Shooters

Fill Your Head With Rock

Butter You Up


Big Boss Man


A huge thank you go out to Kulturbolaget, the great security/staff as always.


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