Ted Nugent – Motor City Mayhem (Blu-Ray)

Ted Nugent

Motor City Mayhem (Blu-Ray)

2009, Eagle Vision

Rating: 4/5

On American Independence Day 2008 Uncle Ted performed his 6,000th show in front of his hometown audience in Detroit. This event was captured in HiDef sound and picture and the fine folks at Eagle Rock have delivered it to us on this stunning Blu-Ray disc.

Just about everything you’d ever want from a video concert is featured on MOTOR CITY MAYHEM. Ted delivers an exceptional performance; there is a vast assortment of songs and the quality it just amazing. The energy level that he has is phenomenal, he doesn’t stop from the time he walks out until he exits the stage at the end of the show. They whip through classics like “Wango Tango” as if it was as simple as breathing. There is a good mixture of songs including material from his latest; LOVE GRENADE. As you’d expect songs like “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang” and the infamous “Cat Scratch Fever” are performed, on the latter his old band mate Derek St.Holmes joins him on stage.

It’s all here in glorious HD, including his ‘Over the Top’ flag waving/praise America shtick which is very annoying to those that are not from the states. It is one thing to be patriotic and proud of your country and homeland BUT there is a limit and this surpasses that limit by a mile. If you can get past his on stage banter and rants then this is an ideal concert to have in your collection.