Status Quo – In Search Of The Fourth Chord

Status Quo

In Search Of The Fourth Chord

2009, Eagle Records

Rating: 4/5

Status Quo is a band that has been around for decades yet for reasons unknown their music is unfamiliar. There is a very good chance that I have heard their music and never knew who it was. One thing that is sure and certain and that is that after listening to IN SEARCH OF THE FOURTH CHORD this writer will be checking out their previous releases.

Kicking off with the excellent rocker, “Beginning Of The End” the band just dives in and starts off full speed ahead. It is unbelievably catchy and it has that ‘something’ that is missing in allot of today’s music. This upbeat groove continues on into the next track, “Alright” which features some cool piano playing. IN SEARCH OF THE FOURTH CHORD has some of the greatest music you will hear this year. It is a real eye opening introduction to someone unfamiliar with their music. It has sort of an ELO vibe to it just without that over produced Jeff Lynne sound.

An excellent rock disc you will sure to enjoy. A nice discovery 40 years into their career.