Halloween II Soundtrack

Halloween II


2009, Hip-O Select

Rating: 3/5

Soundtrack albums are a mixed bag usually and this one is no exception. Intertwining music with snippets of movie dialogue tend to make this type of product difficult to listen to from start to finish. HALLOWEEN II is no exception to the rule.

HALLOWEEN II is the Motion Picture Soundtrack to the Rob Zombie flick that was released this year. The songs featured on here are a bit diverse as you have the 70’s AM Radio classic “The Things We Do For Love” by 10cc along with heavier material by the likes of Motorhead and MC5. The original music by Captain Clegg and The Night Creatures take this soundtrack to a whole new level as “Honky Tonk Halloween” is as about as Country as you can get with it’s twangy guitars and ‘boot scoot boogie’ rhythm. It is sure to be a Halloween season favourite.

More music and less dialogue would make for a much more enjoyable product. Take the disc and skip the movie clips and you will find it’s a decent release even with it’s diversity.