David Bowie – VH1 Storytellers

David Bowie

VH1 Storytellers

2009, Virgin/EMI

Rating: 4.5/5

This CD/DVD set of David Bowie’s highly praised ’99 performance on VH1’s Storytellers show finally makes its official release some 10 years after it was first aired. This show was recorded around the time that his HOURS album was being released so it was only fitting that he promoted here along with some classics and a few obscure surprises.

The DVD portion of this release is much more enjoyable as you get to see the show itself as well as the audiences reactions to what is going on up on the stage. Add in the fact that there are 4 extra tracks on the DVD that were omitted from the CD and it’s the real winner. Bowie and band perform the new single; “Tuesday’s Child” from the album HOURS and follow it up with “Can’t Helping Thinking About Me” which was the first song he wrote and recorded.

For all Bowie fans this is a no brainer to own. For the rest it is a nice episode to enjoy with a few of his better known tracks. His little stories really add to the show.