Damian Follett – From George Street To Music Row

Damian Follett

From George Street To Music Row

2009, Independent

Rating: 4.5/5

Local Newfoundland musician Damian Follett is no newcomer to the music scene. While things have changed a bit since his days in Rogues Gallery one thing that hasn’t is his love of music and performing. This solo effort finds Damian taking more of a singer/songwriter approach than he did all those years ago.

Filled with some great songs, FROM GEORGE STREET TO MUSIC ROW has a slight bit of diversity to it while maintaining a consistent flow. The moment you put the disc on and “Summertime” begins you cannot help but think to yourself what a great track. The first few moments into this song and I was pressing the volume up button on the player in my vehicle. On “Better Do Something” Follett’s vocal’s are over lapped with Megan Shehan for the better part of the song. This adds a whole new dimension to it as most duets are just back and forth. Another standout song on FROM GEORGE STREET TO MUSIC ROW is “Soundtrack” (and this writer’s personal favourite) with it’s ever fitting lyrics that are true to life for all of us brought up in a time before the whole iPod and internet download trends existed. The melody is extremely catchy and you will be singing it for days. A fantastic song! Sixteen of the albums nineteen songs were written or co-written by Follett himself while the other few are tributes of well known artists. These songs tie in perfectly with the songwriter comparison and to “Soundtrack”.

One of the best albums of 2009, every songs a winner.