Bill Leverty – Deep South

Bill Leverty

Deep South

2009, Independent

Rating: 4/5

Bill Leverty has been one of the main driving forces behind Firehouse for many years now. Here it is 2009 and he releases DEEP SOUTH which is a unique collection of songs that he pulled out of a time many moons ago. This isn’t your everyday album of cover tunes.

The majority of the music found on DEEP SOUTH may be unfamiliar to you as a listener but rest assured it is a very solid album that will open your mind through your ears. DEEP SOUTH has an excellent flow to it as each track moves into the next in a manner that is easy on the ears. On this album, Leverty covers one of his personal favourites with Ray Charles’ “Hit The Road Jack” (which had a famous cover here in Canada by The Stampeeders). For this song Bill is joined on vocals by his wife Kristina. Another track that has a bit of familiarity to it is “Samson and Delilah” which was covered several years back by The Grateful Dead. The version of it found on here isn’t too much different from The Dead’s version except it is slightly more traditional sounding as with the entire disc.

All of the music found on DEEP SOUTH has that stripped down, traditional feel to it. Much to the satisfaction of the listener there is no overworked or overproduced material to be found. This is how it started and we are better off for it.