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Satyr of Satyricon

Interview conducted by Robert Williams

Videography courtesy of Sandra Torres

Satyricon is presently in the midst of their second US tour of 2009; having previously been through the States this past January as a support act for Cradle of Filth and now headlining dates this fall in support of last years "The Age of Nero" album. Speaking with frontman Satyr about the current tour; it becomes evident that tensions abound due to poor promotion for the current trek. Nevertheless, the band delivers steadfast an intense career spanning set this night in San Antonio that featured two encore performances. As the show lets out; the skies in San Antonio have let loose a torrential down pour of rain and in the midst of all this; eager sharpie-wielding fans were delighted to find Satyricon drummer Frost ushered to a nearby table set up under the shelter of a tin roof, for him to meet and greet fans of the band. All of this immediately following his near two hour Olympian, drumkit-pummeling live assault. I caught up with Satyricon mainman Satyr and had the chance to talk to the man himself about "The Age of Nero" album, the bands headlining performance at Norway’s "Inferno Fest" black metal gathering, touring with Pantera and the offstage debauchery that surely followed, and of course…the idendity of the naked blonde chick from the "Mother North" video.


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