The Novaks – Things Fall Apart

The Novaks

Things Fall Apart

2009, Sonic Records

Rating: 4/5


Newfoundland’s The Novaks come to us with their strongest offering to date. Filled with a dozen original penned tracks, this disc is sure to turn some heads.

Vocalist/Guitarist Mick Davis delivers some really great vocals on this release. The song “There Goes The Night” for example is one of those that you really hear him get into the song with emotion in his voice. Mick’s voice can be likened to Tom Petty at times but it doesn’t deter from him or the music. The Novaks are far from a Petty copy band. One of the heavier cuts on THINGS FALL APART is “Destroyer” with it’s steady rhythm and piercing guitar sounds. An old school vibe is created on “Leave Me Alone” with catchy chorus and melodies. The whole disc is consistent in that there is a basic Rock n Roll groove throughout that doesn’t let up.

One of 2009’s must own releases of radio friendly Rock n Roll with an edge.