Rum Runner – What’s The Music Mean To You?

Rum Runner

What’s The Music Mean To You?

2009, Stumble Records

Rating: 4/5

Part Rock, Part Punk and a whole lot of fun!

WHAT’S THE MUSICMEAN TO YOU? is Rum Runner’s third full length release since forming in Calgary, AB at the beginning of the decade. Since that time they have been winning over new fans with each album and show, after listening to this album it isn’t hard to see why.

This is good beer drinking music for the masses. Rum Runner is like a heavier version of The Pogues, a grittier, dirtier version if you will. Similar in style with the Dropkick Murphy’s in that they both have a traditional celtic influence and overtones to them. One of the songs entitled “Volney” is an acoustic number with just vocals and guitar. You can envision playing this song around a latenight campfire. It has that sing-along, beer drinking quality to it. Another one like this would be “The Leaving Of Liverpool”  with it’s banjo playing. Whilst these two songs stand out they are hardly an indication of what the band and album are like.

Pick up this disc, get some friends over for a few and sit around and enjoy!