The Beatles – 09.09.09 Sampler

The Beatles

09.09.09 Sampler

2009. Apple Records

Rating: 4.5/5


Issued as a pre-release sampler set for the upcoming Sept 9th Box Sets and individual releases of The Beatles remasters this 2cd gives us a sneak peek of what we can expect to hear on 09.09.09. As a rule a unique release (sampler) would not get a review as it is not available for public purchase but this one is different.

The 32 tracks featured on this double digi pack are in stereo, some for the first time ever on CD as the first four albums were only commercially released in mono. It is a bit disappointing that no mono tracks are featured on this sampler as one of the box sets are in mono. It may have been geared more toward the single album releases which are available only in stereo.

The sound on the discs is an improvement over the original ’87 issues. The sound has more clarity and you can hear certain things you never noticed before. Tracks like “Day Tripper”, “Something” and “I’m Down”   have never sounded better. It is though a new breath of life has been given to these classic Beatle songs. While some of the population will be satisfied with the current issues, Beatle fans the world over finally get what they have been asking for for years. This is sure to be the definitive versions.

On 09.09.09 go to you local record shop and pick yourself up some Beatle music. You will thank me later once you do hear these new issues of timeless classics.