Hellbox – Fleshphemy (EP)

Reviewed: September 2009
Released: 2009, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Filthy, nasty and perverted black-thrash´n´roll from the North – from Turku, Finland precisely. You do want to look somewhere else right now, don´t you?

Hellbox have been building up their reputation as one of the most scabby, dirty and mean sounding and most intense black-thrash-roll acts in Finland for over 10 years now, putting out countless demos and even getting a couple of albums out (SADISTICLAW in 2003 and INFERNOTHING in 2006) during their somewhat controversial history. By controversial I mean, they cannot be taken too seriously (as some have taken them, I am afraid). Hellbox is all about stinking farts, bucketfuls of sweat, warm beer, Satan, sperm-covered porn magazines and killing wanna-be kids. And that´s a concept that works well for them, and for everybody else for that matter.

FLESHPHEMY, this brand-new 7-effort stinker from this same notorious group, carries out the band´s concept as a vicious black-thrash-rot´n´roll bunch that does not give the slightest fuck about anything. Hellbox´s Motörhead-meets-Venom types of malicious outbursts are lotsa fun to listen to – especially in those moments when having a cold beer in your hand and dirty talking, preferably with a fat and gothic looking woman on your knees.

Song like “Sunday Satanist” tells about all these ordinary wanna-be kids who have a need to belong to some groups and get their acceptance, so they go and paint their faces B&W, change their school costumes to leather, chains and spikes in order to gain respect amongst these so-called ´bad guys´ who rule their schools. That is so hilarious, but also so true to some certain extent, I think. The band´s tongue-in-cheek humor is just irresistible. Nobody´s safe with Hellbox.

There´s nothing there in Hellbox´s stuff that wouldn´t have been done before. However, I still find their raw, energetic and rocking blackish thrash mayhem fun to listen to – and I am certain there´s a great bunch of you people out there who will also find Hellbox´s dirty rhymes about booze, flesh and leather appealing to yourselves.


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Track Listing:
01. The Straight to Hell
02. Sunday Satanist
03. Cyanide Christ
04. Gone with the Fire
05. Fleshphemy
06. Jallucination
07. Chaoshred

Hellvis Perversley – Vocals
Evil Hellman – Guitars & vocals
Hell D. Satansson – Bass & vocals
Len Hellkill – Drums