Fracture Point – Inherit the Downfall

Reviewed: September 2009
Released: 2008, Self Released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Fracture Point are a 4 piece from Phoenix, AZ that’s currently making some waves in their local scene. The band is proud to promote that they were voted as the best metal band of 2008 within the Phoenix area and are currently promoting their self released debut album, INHERIT THE DOWNFALL. On this release, the band combines familiar elements from bands like Soulfly, Machine Head and Skinlab while attempting to define their own sound in the process. The results aren’t without its flaws, but the album is a strong first release and shows a band with a lot of promise.

The first thing that stands out is that the band has a keen rhythmic sensibility. The foundation of the 12 tracks on INHERIT THE DOWNFALL is built upon guitarist Matt Hobart’s fuzzed out guitar tones. While not overly technical, Hobart stacks riff after riff into each song, reminiscent of the thrash metal days of old. Hobart keeps things interesting with his approach and as such, the songs are memorable and catchy. The rhythm section of Matt Bond and Dan Ammon sound precise and in step, but sometimes get lost in the mix underneath Hobart’s guitars. Vocalist Ben Rosputni barks out his intelligibly gruff vocal lines straight from the gut, but at times he comes across as the weakest link in the chain. While undeniably coarse and corrosive, it’s a bit one-dimensional and can get monotonous as each track progresses.

Most of the tunes are mid-tempo, angry affairs that stand out individually but all feel like a part of the same puzzle (a good thing). Highlights like “I.E.D.,” “Manic Aggression,” and the title track hint at the deeper creative forces that Fracture Point carries, introducing some disharmonic guitars and experimenting with different time signatures amid the solid wall of sonic thickness. Aside from my aforementioned nitpicking about the mix, the production values are top notch. Often, self released affairs come across reeking of Pro Tools and/or studio cut and paste, but INHERIT THE DOWNFALL comes across pretty organic sounding, which adds to the depth of the overall sound of the album.

INHERIT THE DOWNFALL is a worthy effort from a promising up and comer. There’s lots to like here, but there’s certainly room for improvement as well. Fracture Point is playing in a field that’s already pretty crowded to begin with, and one where it’s hard to distinguish one band from the next. Hopefully the band will stretch its legs creatively for the inevitable follow up and further define their identity. INHERIT THE DOWNFALL is currently available for purchase through the band’s website, where you can also listen to full length samples. Good stuff here worth checking out.


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Track Listing:
1. IED
2. Fearpath
3. Image
4. Mind Ruin
5. Face of Pain
6. Last Minute
7. Inherit the Downfall
8. Failure State
9. Syntropy
10. Manic Aggression
11. Witness in the Shroud
12. J69

Ben Rosputni – Lead Vocals
Matt Hobart – Guitar
Matt Bond – Bass
Dan Ammon – Drums