Axegressor – Command

Reviewed: September 2009
Released: 2009, Dethrone Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Axegressor loves to thrash, not a slightest doubt about it. Since they released their 5-track promotional-CD in 2007, I started anxiously looking forward to getting my hands on their debut full-length album that I knew would come out at some point.

It is here now, in my nervous hands, carrying the title COMMAND, and has a picture of a tank on the front cover of the album. War has been declared?

Well, these thrashing soldiers on command in Axegressor surely have their own blitzkrieg going on here on their COMMAND album, but its impact on me unfortunately is not as destructive and all mangling as it was on their somehow more appealing and tighter 5-track effort 2 years ago. It also misses a madly raging song like “Luoti Päähän” that was truly a bullet into my head, in a very positive sense of corpse! What has happened to them, I just do not know.

Anyway, do not read me wrong. COMMAND, with its 11 songs on it, is still a pretty furious and face-ripping package of in-yer-face thrash metal that offers some guilty-for-pleasure moments, and that makes you stretch your neck muscles without you even noticing it. It´s songs like “Damage-Inked”, “Psalm Before the Storm”, “Not” and “Iron Will Executor” – all these most aggressive, riff-filled and fastest numbers, that really separate teeth from my gingivae – and simply makes me happy about the fact that some great sounding thrash can still be created these days even. As for the rest of the songs on COMMAND, they are undoubtedly good for what they are and represent, but do not have the same kind of effect on me like the ones mentioned above. More speed to them would not harm these slower cuts one damn bit, I guess.

If there´s one band that has been a strong influence on Axegressor, then it´s Kreator. Not so much vocally, but definitely in many other ways (Some free advice: Just listen to all those crunchy riffs that band´s guitarist Seba Forma has sowed all around the album!). Also, Slayer´s influence cannot be excluded completely either, knowing the fact that everyone in Axegressor loves Slayer.

As some of you already managed to read between the lines, COMMAND as a wholeness isn´t as tight a package compared to the band´s 2007 5-song recording as I expected it to be, but it still serves well for all thrash fans for sure. Oh, and just a polite reminder: This album may cause some severe neck pains afterwards, so you have been warned in advance now…


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Track Listing:
01. Introcrusher
02. Born of Pain, Bred with Fear
03. Damage-Inked
04. Barricade Command
05. Psalm Before the Storm
06. Not
07. Strangled by Life
08. Iron Will Executor
09. Holy Terror
10. Servants
11. Axegressor

Johnny Nuclear Winter – Throat
Seba Forma – Shreds
Aki Paulamäki – Bass
Atte Mäkelä – Drums