Saidian – Vocalist Markus Engelfried


When I had the opportunity to hear the new third album EVERCIRCLE by Saidian I was amazed and felt like I simply had to have a chat with the singer Markus “Engel” Engelfried. If you like German melodic power metal this definitely a band for you.


Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Lars Chriss at Blistering Records for setting up this interview

Thanks to Blistering Records for the promo pictures of the band



Hi Markus, you’re the lead singer in the German act Saidian. The band recently released a brand new album, are you ready to take on the interview?

Sure 😉

Since Saidian recently have released their third album I though we could begin to talk a little about that album. What can you tell us about EVERCIRCLE?

It has a completely naked girl on the cover and she is NOT painted !!! *smile*

Who in the band writes the music and lyrics? And what are the lyrics about this time?

The music and the lyrics were written by our keyboarder and me. We share this job. The lyrics are about some impressions, feelings and stories that moved us. For example the never ending dance of sun and moon, a “man-eating” girl, a choir of lemmings and Messiah who is on holiday at present …

You have recorded a cover of the song “Tokyo” originally made by another German act called Craaft, how come you chose to feature a cover song this time?

We want to do a feature for our fans in Japan and thus we stumbled over this song…

Where does the title of the album come from and does the name EVERCIRCLE have any special meaning to you and to the guys in the band?

For sure! It is a metaphor for the circle-dance our naked groupies are doing when we came backstage after a show 😉


Roberto Palacios is additional bass player on EVERCIRCLE, on which tracks does he appear and why didn’t the ordinary bass player Luddeman play on all of the songs?

Roberto has done all of the songs and Lüddeman isn’t in the band anymore. Some kind of different attitudes… you know?


The cover art-work, the layout and the design on EVERCIRCLE is made by Heike John, what’s the idea behind the art-work and what do you think of the cover of the album?

The idea originally was one of my ideas and I came up with it, because I want to see some naked girls who apply for the model-job, he he…

It has taken Saidian a while to follow up the previous album PHOENIX, why?

You know, it’s hard work to satisfy all our groupies 😉

And of course the proceedings with our new record label.

In the bio provided to EVERCIRCLE it says that the album shows the whole musical side of Saidian, what does that mean?

Fast, slow, hard, soft, high, low dressed, naked. All aspects of the music 😉


Do you think and feel that the band have grown and developed anything music wise throughout the years?

Well I think this is a question that has to be answered by our fans. I´m not quite good in judging my own music.


Have you read any reviews of the album? What have the critics to say about EVERCIRCLE?

I think they are not that bad this time. Especially in England I’ve read some really good reviews!

Are there any plans on shooting a video to any of the songs?

We have already done that. We shot a video for “Tokyo”. But it will take it´s time before we can release it. Check our homepage for news


Do you have any favorite songs amongst the ones on the new album?

The songs I’ve wrote by myself 😉

Is there any limited edition of EVERCIRCLE available? If so what exclusive material is featured on that version of the album?

No, sorry. Please contact our record label if you want to complain 😉


I find different opinions on what you guys play, some say melodic metal and other say power metal, how would you like to describe what kind of music Saidian plays?

Let’s try melodic power metal *smile*

Are you happy with the album now that you look back on it?

What can I say about this question: sure I´m happy with it.


I think you have an amazing voice and I think you can be compared to Tobias Sammet of Edguy, do you have any role model or singer that you look up to or are influenced by?

Thank you 😉 I think there are many singers I like very much (Kieske, Dio, Eric Adams, …). But I try to sing as I prefer and I do not try to copy some other singers.

Have you been compared to Sammet before?

Oh boy! A thousand of times. But I think I see it as a compliment.

Another member that does an amazing job is guitarist Blattert, who, in my opinion, has a really refined guitar play, are you happy with your band mates efforts on the album?

Sure! Everyone did a great job in my opinion.

You have used several studios to record EVERCIRCLE in like House Of Audio, Bi-Acoustics Studio as well as Studio 22, why did you record in so many different studios?

We tried to extract the best of every studio for our sounds. And we hope it worked… 😉

The band have together with Axel Heckert produced the album, isn’t it hard to produce your own album, I mean, isn’t it hard to be objective?

We don’t want to be objective! We want to do the music we like most and thus we cannot and we want not be objective.

What do you think is Heckert’s strongest feature as producer?

Is not stressed and a really good friend!

You held a release party at the Rock Fabrik in Ludwigsburg, how was that?

GREAT! The club was completely filled up with crazy fans and friends and we all had a great time especially with our musician-friends from Kissin´Dynamite.


Why did you end your co-operation with Metal Heaven that did release your previous two albums?

Well, better conditions. Distribution in USA and so on 😉 I think this is an argument…

Blistering Records is the new home of Saidian, how come you chose to ink a deal with them?

Our management did the contact. But sorry I don’t know how…

Blistering Records is a Swedish/American based label; do you see any problems in the fact that the label isn’t based in Germany?

Not at all. The communication is quite well.


Are there any plans on taking on the US market or the Asian market in the near future?

Already done yet 😉

 New and old members

The first edition of Saidian consisted of you, Bohr, Blattert, Glassmann and Dittrich, who is the founder of the band?

That will be Markus Bohr


Drummer Dittrich then left the band, why did he leave?

We got musical differences and all this.

And he was replaced by the ex-Primal Fear and Sinner drummer Klaus Sperling, how did he end up with you guys?


Klaus is a friend of us and he helped out when we asked him between two beers 😉

And then he left the band and in came your current drummer Hainning from Chinchilla, why did Sperling leave? You haven’t had any luck keeping drummers?

No, he didn’t left the band. He was never really in the band. He just helped out for the second album and due to the friendship between us he was in the cover and the booklet too.


Your previous bass player Glassmann also departed from the band and was replaced by Luddeman. Why did Glassmann leave?

Glassmann had problems with his job and Saidian and couldn’t handle both. Saidian needs a lot of time …


Luddeman have now also left the band, is seems like you have had some turbulent times in the band?

Yes for sure. But the “turbulent”-influences are no history and eliminated. So we’re looking forward to better times 😉

Are you searching for a new bass player now? How is that going?

We do have one already and we will present him in short on our new homepage!


Do you have any contact with the older members today? And what are they up to today?

They are OK. Sometimes we meet for a beer. The all have new bands.

Isn’t it frustrating to not have a solid-line up?

We’re working on a solid line up. And the last brick of the wall is the bass-player. Maybe we have managed it now!


Past present and future

Where dose the name Saidian come from?

It’s just a fantasy name.

The band was form in 2004 and already the year after came the debut album FOR THOSE WHO WALKED THE PATH FORLORN what did media think of that album?

Just check the reviews on the net. We have all kinds of reactions.

Have any of the original members been involved in other acts besides Saidian?

No important acts at all 🙂

Was it given from the start that you were gonna play the kind of metal you play?

Yes. We like this music and thus the way was clear.

You did a support tour to Jon Oliva’s Pain in Europe on your debut album, how was that?


Great experience, great guys and we will never forget that!

After that you shortly released PHOENIX in 2006 where Jon Oliva made a guest appearance, how was it to have him as a guest on the album?

It was like good friend passes by and did the vocals. Simply great!!!

From what I can see have you mostly performed in Germany and not so much in the rest of Europe so far, why?

It is very expensive. And so the opportunities are rare.

Are you big in Germany today?

How do you define big? In some territories we have many fans and in  some less. But we work on getting really big 😉

Are you gonna go out on tour now or are you gonna focus on writing material to the next album?

Both. But it ‘s difficult to get a tour. We hope to get one with a “big” act 😉

When can we expect to see Saidian on a proper European tour?

We hope as soon as possible!!!!!!!!

Are you gonna do any festival shows this summer?

At this time we have no confirmation for a festival. Maybe next year…


What are the plans for Saidian during the rest of 2009?

Do as many shows as possible and write new material.

What have you to say to the ones that haven’t discovered Saidian yet?

Check or homepage Our music will convince you (we hope so *smile*)

Give the readers three reasons why they should buy EVERCIRCLE.

1. It´s

2. simply

3. great! 😉


That was all I had for now, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions, finally, do you have any words of wisdom for the fans and the readers?

Write to with the subject “Newsletter” to get all our hot news via e-mail 😉

Cheeeeeeeeeeerz to all!!!!

Thank you and good luck in the future.

Thank you too 😉



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