Summer Rock Festival at Friluftsbadet in Svedala, Sweden 2009







The only band that really interested me on Saturday was D.A.D so therefore I arrived at the festival a little late and only in order to see D.A.D. The band had changed places with singer Veronica Maggio. D.A.D had, as Backyard Babies had done, booked 2 shows in one day. After the show D.A.D went  back to Denmark to play one more show during the same day, that’s why they performed quite early in Svedala this day. When I arrived I could see the roadies building up the D.A.D stage and the stage looked quite great. There was a huge backdrop up with the band name behind Sonne’s drum kit. In front of the backdrop were several light poles placed like a fan. Its’ a little hard to describe but look at the pictures you’ll understand.




The youngest Binzer brother Jacob entered the stage dressed in a top hat, white jacket and guitar. Bass player Stigge Nasty is known for having new and unusal outfits on him for each new tour. This time he had on a latex outfit. The show started out with an golden oldie in “Riskin it All” that unfortunately didn’t sound good at all. Singer Jesper Binzer couldn’t make his voice heard at all because of the poor sound and that ruined the entire first song. It’s the first I have ever heard a band having such a lousy sound on this festival. Luckily the bad sound was corrected before the next song. “Beautiful Together” and “Monster Philosophy” continued and the band was as always:



Jesper Binzer – lead vocals, guitar

Stigge Nasty – bass, b-vox

Jacob Binzer – guitar, b-vox

Laust Sonne – drums, b-vox

“Jihad – No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims” followed but despite this classical did most of the people in the crowd were standing still and only nodded along in the song. I had expected the people to be more exited than they were. It seemed like singer Binzer had been drinking a little too much Red Bull or something because he was everywhere on stage and he ran around like a maniac. The next song that followed was “Rim Of Hell” and as the song proceeded 4 flames at the front of stage blasted off.







“Are you ready Svedala” singer Binzer shouted and a got an YES from a pretty lame crowd. Then he shouted again and he got a little more respond. Sonne kicked off “Everything Glow” while Nasty walked around on stage and stepped up on Sonne’s bass drum. Usually Nasty runs around on stage and makes jokes and so on but this night he seemed to be pretty vacant for some reason.

Singer Binzer thanked everyone for being there and kicked off the song “Reconstructed” which was followed by the brilliant “Grow Or Pay”. The song also featured a guitar solo by Jacob Binzer. On stage D.A.D normally drags out their songs quite a bit and they are very fond of doing both guitar and drum solos. To be honest it feels a little too much to be doing such long solos as the guys did when they have a limited amount of time to be playing . “Bad Craziness” followed which is a solid track that really got the crowd going, it’s a party pleaser to say the least. The light poles behind Sonne blinked and glow and I have to say that if there’s one thing this band knows besides delivering strong song and great live performances it’s to make an amazing stage décor. D.A.D have always had astonishing stage works to rest your eyes on. “Chain Saw” which is a song taken from the new album followed. In the middle of the song Binzer wanted everyone to cheer for Sonne by screaming Come On Laust we know you can do it, which everyone screamed. And Sonne delivered a drum solo that actually didn’t impress me as much as it use to.

The last song introduced by singer Binzer is “Monster Philosophy” which is the title track from the bands new album. The set ended but the crowd was eager to hear more and the encore was “Sleeping My Day Away” where Binzer let the audience sing the first verse, and honestly it didn’t go well. Again guitarist Binzer did a really long guitar solo but it felt like something was missing. And finally came Nasty out with his helmet of flames. He has a helmet that throws out sparks and almost every time I have seen the band live he had come out in that helmet at the end of each show. It’s either that or his spark-bass guitar that shoots sparks.

When the song ended singer Binzer thanked everyone in the audience for coming to the show. Despite the high voltage energy show the band put out the crowd didn’t get the vibe. It was a lazy crowd that didn’t really gave much back to the band and I have to give credit to D.A.D for giving such a great show to such a poor crowd. Maybe it wasn’t to the bands benefit to play so early during the evening, I think that the light effects as well as the band had won a lot more on performing later when it had gotten darker.





It was fun to hear the gold old classical songs again but the band have so many great songs to choose from that it would be fun to hear more songs taken from the end of 80’s/beginning of the 90’s because the band have more classical songs from this era to. They didn’t do any songs from SIMPATICO, SOFT DOGS or SCARE YOURSELF. D.A.D did a good show but I have seen them do better, but again, it must be boring to play for a crowd that aren’t into your music totally. I did really miss hearing the songs that they always end their shows with “Laugh N A ½” and “It’s After Dark”.








Set List

Riskin It All

Beautiful Together

Jihad – No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims

Rim Of Hell

Everything Glows


Grow Or Pay

Bad Craziness


Monster Philosophy


Sleeping My Day Away


The conclusion of this years festival experience is that the Summer Rock Festival in Svedala Sweden is an intimate and small but nice happening. This year the festival broke the record with about 12.500 paying visitors. I really hope that the festival will continue its journey next year and I send a warm and sincere thank you to all the staff at the festival. Keep up the good work, see you all next year. And a special thank you to the head of the festival Magnus Lindberg for arranging a great festival.



Big thanks to head of the Festival Magnus Lindberg for help with press/photo-pass to this festival

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