Static-X – Cult of Static

Reviewed: August 2009
Released: 2009, Reprise records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Although I have heard the name for a few years now I have never actually sat down and heard them until now. With that being said there was no expectations or anything to live up to. This was a total new and fresh listening experience.

Once I pressed play I was slightly impressed with the sounds that came out of my speakers. Some of the musicianship is quite good but the songs are what leave something to be desired. They are your typical mallcore ‘jump the fuck up’ songs with zero originality. The only band in a similar style that are listenable that I have come across are Hatebreed and their last DVD kicks some serious ass. The scream-o vocals of Static-X do absolutely nothing for the music at all. The high point of this album is their brutal cover of the Crue’s “Looks That Kill” which is interesting at best.

This is for true fans only!


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Track Listing:
\”Lunatic\” – 3:35
\”Z28\” – 3:09
\”Terminal\” – 3:38
\”Hypure\” – 4:15
\”Tera-Fied\” – 5:19
\”Stingwray\” – 4:10
\”You Am I\” – 3:00
\”Isolaytore\” – 2:46
\”Nocturnally\” – 3:49
\”Skinned\” – 3:34
\”Grind 2 Halt\” – 4:56
Looks That Kill\” – 4:12 (Mötley Crüe cover) (Best Buy track)

Wayne Static – vocals, guitar, keyboards, programming, producer
Koichi Fukuda – lead guitar
Tony Campos – bass guitar, backing vocals
Nick Oshiro – drums, percussion