Diana Krall – Live In Rio (Blu-Ray)

Diana Krall

Live In Rio

2009, Eagle Vision

Rating: 4/5

As the title suggests this show was recorded in Rio in November 2008. It showcases standards and classics including the title track from her 2009 release QUIET NIGHTS. Her soft and smokey voice mesmerizes you and draws you in. Diana has one of the nicest and most soothing voices you will ever hear.

This 2 plus hour show is interlaced with scenes of Rio which is a nice touch to the disc and helps give the viewer a better feel for the state of mind they were all in at the time. Some of these images are amazing. The songs performed here are done Bosa Nova style which was inspired by the records she heard growing up. It is slightly different from her normal style of Jazz but not too far off as to alienate her fans. While watching her perform “Frim Fram Sauce” you can easily tell she is really enjoying herself. The band gets a moment to jam a little during this humorous number and showcase their own talents.

Overall, a fine release that showcases Diana’s beautiful voice and piano playing. Highly recommended.