Saga – The Human Condition


The Human Condition

2009, Inside Out Music/SPV

Rating: 4/5


One of Canada’s greatest is Saga. They have been constantly releasing product but for some unknown reason their biggest fan base is NOT in their own country. We here in Canada should be much more supportive of our own, but we’ll leave that for another article. Up until a few year’s ago I myself was only familiar with the Saga name and not the music. When TRUST came out that is when I came aboard the Saga train.

THE HUMAN CONDITION is right up there with TRUST in all aspects. This is some of the best Progressive Rock you will ever come across, period. It takes what a band like Rush does but kicks it up a notch musically. Most Progressive groups are amazing musicians but their music generally suffers from what I refer to as the “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus” syndrome where there is too much wankery going on for the average music fan. Saga doesn’t fall into that category as their songs, while technically brilliant still retain the Rock aspect and keep listeners interested. One of the stand outs on here is at the opposite end of the spectrum surprisingly, “Hands of Time” is one of the best ballads you will hear and it just brings you to a time of open fields and sunny skies. It creates that feeling and vision in your mind.

Be it a Rocker or a Ballad, it’s all there. A fantastic release that you will enjoy.