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Jesse Cooper


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I’d like to start off by saying that the CD is quite good.

Thank you….. we really appreciate that!

Songs like “Rock N Roll Dream” and “Nail In The Coffin” are really heavy and with influences like Black Label and Pantera do you foresee yourself going in this heavier direction?

Absolutely, we love that style of music

You have opened up for Kiss and Ted Nugent so far and Ted is raving about how good you are. Are his comments in the press helping open more doors for you?

I’m sure any positive feedback from Uncle Ted helps us. He is a huge Icon

Most bands your age do not great such a break or get so many doors opened for you. Do you have some famous parent or uncle in the industry who made sure your band was heard by the right people?

We entered a contest  on the CBS Morning Show, and took second, as a result we landed a deal with legendary managers Doc McGhee and Spencer Proffer, and they are the reason we have what we have going for us.

Getting on a major label for the debut is quite an accomplishment. How did that all come about?

Having the greatest managers in the world, and playing show case, after show case.

Did Doc McGhee or Spencer Proffer play a vital role in that happening?

Absolutely, there reputation, and belief in the band had a vital role in securing a  deal.

How did you hook up with those guys?

We all played on the same football team together, but weren’t very good lol.

Did the association with Doc help land the Kiss tour?

Definitely…..without Doc Kiss would not have happened.

How was that European tour?

Amazing ! The Europeans love there metal. The crowds were awesome, but the food was horrible lol

Any interesting road stories you’d like to share?

Shhhh….It’s a secret

This being your first trip to Canada how are you liking it? Any plans to come back the summer for some more shows across this great nation?

We all loved Canada, the people here embrace all styles of music, and we think that is great. We plan on coming back very soon, our manager is actually working on something as we speak!

Some people in the greater Tulsa area have jokingly tagged you as the "heavy metal Hansons,”. Does this annoy you at all or do you take it as a compliment?

Hanson has had great success in the industry, and if we are as successful we will be very fortunate, so we consider it a compliment, even though we are a different style of music.

Are you afraid of getting labelled as a “Kid Band” and being stuck with it for eternity?

Nah…..not at all.We are not a kid band, just kids in a band. We didn’t put our faces on the album cover, for the very reason that you would concentrate on the  music, and not our age

The song “Nightmare” was written when you were just 11 years old. It is featured in ROCKBAND. That is quite an accomplishment. How did that all come about?

Our good friend, Jeff Yapp at  MTV is a huge fan of the band, and wanted the track on the game.

In closing I’d like to ask how you came up with the band name and does it have any special meaning?

No special meaning ,we just thought it sounded cool.

Thanks for taking the time in talking to us here at Metal Rules.

Thanks for having us !

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Thanks to Kerry at Rebel Music for setting up the interview