Mudmen – The High Road


The High Road

2009, Mudpiper Records

Rating: 4.5/5

Ahhhh…..FINALLY!!!  A new disc from one of my personal favourite bands of the past few years. I first became familiar with them after seeing the Campbell Brothers (Robby and Sandy) perform onstage with Bobnoxious for a couple of songs. It was immediately following this performance that I picked up a disc of theirs which was followed by getting the other couple. Their blend of Bagpipes and Rock n Roll is truly genius.

This 4th release is the beginning of a new chapter in Mudmen history as the brothers Campbell have parted ways with long time singer Zoy. Upon hearing that Zoy would be leaving to go solo I became curious as to what the future would hold as his voice suited the music perfectly. After I listened to THE HIGH ROAD for the first time I enjoyed the music and songs tremendously, it was the new vocals that I couldn’t get accustomed too.  To me Zoy’s voice mixed with the piping of Robby and Sandy created that distinct Mudmen sound that I knew and enjoyed, now one essential part of the equation is gone. The new guy Mordy is a bit more polished so to speak and is a great singer but initially it took several spins to really get used to his singing and appreciate it. For those of you who are familiar with the first three albums you will understand what I mean.. THE HIGH ROAD is a bit more Celtic and traditional than the first trio of discs and with this I firmly believe this is where it’s at. Each and every song on the album is a killer tune, they even rock out on a cover of The Pogues’ “Dirty Old Town”. The other cover on here is “Whiskey In The Jar” which many of you know the Metallica version by heart or the Thin Lizzy one. The Mudmen do it better still.

Raise a pint and crank it up!!