Crooked X

Crooked X

2009, EMI Music

Rating: 4/5

This new band out of the US release their self titled debut on EMI Records. This is quite a feat as it is virtually unheard of in today’s Rock world, but with names like Spencer Proffer and Doc McGhee backing you people will take notice. Even Uncle Ted (Nugent) has been praising them up.

This debut disc gives us the listener some hard edged Rock n’ Roll music. This isn’t what you hear on today’s Rock Radio…but it is what should be on there. Songs like “Rock N Roll Dream” and “Nail In The Coffin” are just a couple of the best compositions on here. These are true out and out high energy rock tracks. The guitars and vocals really come through and stand out. After listening to this disc it is hard to believe that these guys are in their teens. With that said they are far from a ‘Boy Band’ or the next Hanson although they are jokingly labelled as the ‘Heavy Metal Hanson’ in their hometown. These guys have the talent and energy to be around for many years to come. This is just the beginning.