Chris Hart – The Magic Hour

Chris Hart

The Magic Hour

2009, Independent

Rating: 4/5

Hailing from London, Ontario here in Canada comes Chris Hart; a singer/songwriter/guitarist with an independently released debut. This debut album is one of the freshest sounding albums of the year thus far.

This recording is my first time hearing of Chris Hart although some of the musicians on the album are quite familiar such as Rob MacEachern and Jeff Fountain. With musicians like that you know it is going to be high quality. Right? Just nine songs long this album makes an impression of high quality radio friendly rock n roll. I am not talking the indie rock that is suffocating the radio these days, I mean quality singing, playing and writing. For comparison reasons the closest you can get is that you hear Springsteen influence in a few instances but other than that this is a truly unique offering. The smooth vocals and subtle background instrumentation make for one enjoyable listening experience.

Call it Rock n’ Roll, call it Power Pop, call it…whatever. You will call it a first rate release.