Neil Young – Fork In The Road

Neil Young

Fork In The Road

2009, Reprise

Rating: 4.5/5

This new album from Canadian Neil Young is one of his more upbeat and rocking releases of the past few years. The ten tracks on this album tend to lean more towards a travel theme, more specifically his LincVolt car.

I first heard this album on release day which also happened to be the 2nd night of his new tour. He did a few of the new songs live that night to tremendous applause. Since that day this album has gotten many spins in my players. It is one of the finest he has done and will stand the test of time. Songs like “ Singing A Song” features some of his signature electric guitar sound and that old familiar smooth vocal style. “Johnny Magic” is possibly one of the most rocking songs he’s done since the Pearl Jam sessions several years back. Not all the tracks are full on rockers or about LincVolt; “Off The Road” and the simply beautiful “Light A Candle” are emotional ballads. The latter is the new “Harvest Moon”. Neil’s voice here is as emotional and heartfelt and you cannot help but love this song. The title track closes out the record which we all heard on youtube thanks to Neil’s homemade video. A classic in itself.

A definite addition to your Neil collection.  One of the greatest album’s of the year. This is Neil doing what he does best.