Suicidal Tendencies / Inspector Cluzo / Virus – Electric Ballroom, London




All live pics and review by HannTu

When you think of crossover thrash, you either think of Agnostic Front or Suicidal Tendencies. These guys were doing it way before the current crop of Municipal Waste or what-have-you, and they did it with an undeniable and unbridled sense of cool. Suicidal Tendencies have been around longer than most, but they haven’t lost the fireball energy at their live shows, and the thought of Mike Muir and co. grabbing London by the balls filled most thrashers with joy. On the very same night, the Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards were being held in the O2, but the Electric Ballroom in Camden was still packed to the brim for the arrival of the Cyco crew.




Virus are on a major push to be counted as a relevant thrash band in today’s saturated market, and they’re going about it the right way, taking any shows, big or small, to drum up support for their upcoming EP. Only a week ago, they supported Gama Bomb and Lawnmower Deth at Milton Keynes, but their opening 30-minute slot for Suicidal Tendencies represented the biggest band they had ever opened for.


With favourites like ‘Don’t Get Even, Get Mad’ and ‘B.S.S.D. (Burning Shouting Screaming Dying)’ getting their old fans going and keeping new fans interested, the only blot on the landscape was the problems lead guitarist/singer Coke was having with his pedal rack. He experienced the same problems last week at the Lawnmower Deth show, and he was noticeably frustrated. But two new songs made up for the sound problems; ‘Skulls of My Enemies’ and ‘Raped by Mutants’ promise much for the new EP.



Viral Warfare (Intro only)

Testify To Me

Don’t Get Even, Get Mad

Skulls Of My Enemies


B.S.S.D. (Burning Shouting Screaming Dying)

Raped By Mutants

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Inspector Cluzo


This French duo is one of the weirdest bands I’ve ever seen, with just a drummer and a guitarist and a song named ‘Fuck the Bass Player’, it’s hard to know what to make of them. Infusing upbeat rap/rock tempos with jazzy riffs and funky drumming and lots of good-natured swearing, Inspector Cluzo are interesting at least. I can only guess at how they came to be on the show, but the connection with Suicidal Tendencies, I assume, is through Fishbone, whose guitarist Rocky George used to play in Suicidal Tendencies, and whose lead singer Angelo Moore and bass player Norwood Fisher helped out on Inspector Cluzo’s first LP.

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