Circle II Circle at Delusions of Grandeur European Tour 2009 at The Rock in Copenhagen, Denmark



Circle II Circle – Delusions of Grandeur European Tour 2009

Manticora – special guest

The Prowlers – support act

The Rock, Copenhagen Denmark

29/4 – 2009

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall


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Last year did Circle II Circle released their brilliant fourth album which was given the name DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR. It was also during that period that guitarist Even Christopher left the band and made room for the new guitar player Bill Hudson. With Circle II Circle came the arrival of spring to Sweden. On the day of the show the sun was shining, not a cloud was in the sky, and it was warm outside. So it was a pure pleasure to take the train and cross the bridge over to the capital of Denmark and the very nice venue The Rock where the show was held this night.

The stop in Denmark was the only one that Circle II Circle did in Scandinavia and straight after the gig did the band went into the bus and started the journey down to the southern parts of Europe. I met up with the band a few hours before the show and all of them were really nice and it’s fun to see that there actually are artists that cares for their fans. I spoke to Stevens, Stewart and Drennan while the rest of the members did interviews for Danish magazines.

There were two support acts this evening in the Danish act Manticora and The Prowlers. But I only cared for Circle II Circle and they were the main reason to my journey over to Denmark this warm Wednesday in April. And close to 20:00 just before the doors were gonna open did I go back to the venue to be first in line. A small crowd had formed and it was fun to see and meet people that were as exited as me too see Circle II Circle.


The Prowlers opened the evening at 20.45 as scheduled, unfortunately it didn’t seem like the few people in the venue actually cared much about the band. Instead I saw many that were wearing Manticora shirts so I guess many of the visitors were there to support the Danes in Manticora. After 30mins of The Prowlers there was a short pause and then it was time to see Manticora. The band was cheered on stage by a very enthusiastic crowd that had grown much larger. A mosh-pit also formed in front of the stage during the show and when the singer asked the crowd if they were tired he got a NO in respond and they continued delivering a few more songs. But after 50 minutes it was time to close their part of the show and make room for Circle II Circle.





Circle II Circle


Bill Hudson – guitar

Paul Michael Stewart – bass, keyboards, b-vox

Tom Drennan – drums, b-vox

Andy Lee – guitar, b-vox

Zak Stevens – lead vocals


The show started out with all of the members except the singer Stevens standing on stage and playing. Stevens came out after a short while and the band then fired off the two first songs of the evening which were “Fatal Warning” and “Dead Of Dawn” both taken from the latest album DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR. The crowd gave a really warm welcome to the band and it looked like the band was truly happy to be in the beautiful city of Copenhagen. The show moved on with “Forever”, “Waiting” and “Sea Of White” and Stevens ran around like a maniac on stage. He was literally a whirlwind on stage and did his absolute best to get the crowd going. Circle II Circle felt hungry and that weren’t strange because this was their first show on the European tour. After having thanked everyone for being their Stevens thought it was time to move on and kicked off “Burden Of Truth” and “Heal You” that transcended into “Echoes” and “Chase The Lies”. And even though there aren’t so many people there the band has managed to get the temperature up to an almost tropical height. Sweat was pouring down from the ceiling.

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Stevens mostly said that it was fun to be in Copenhagen and that they thought it was a blast to play at The Rock. And Stevens and his band mates seemed to be very happy with the enthusiasm the audience showed. After that it was time to enjoy golden songs like “Soulbreaker”, “Messiah” and “So Many Reasons”. One member that really helped Stevens out with reaching to the audience was bassist Stewart that also moved around quite a lot on stage.

After “So Many Reasons” did everyone except Stevens and Stewart went of stage, and Stevens told us that they had done exact the same thing on the last tour and that it was much appreciated by the bands fans. It was time to get acoustical so on stage now was only the two guys and one keyboard. “If You Go Away” was sung together with the crowd and Stevens looked really happy with the audience’s effort. It was a really nice experience and it showed what an amazing voice Stevens have. The next song the guys turned acoustical was “Watching In Silence” the only song from the bands first album this night and again everyone in the venue sang a long with Stevens. Acoustical songs can be a show stopper but it wasn’t so in this case. It only added more nerve and passion to the show.

After that it was time for the rest of the band to enter the stage again and Stevens said that it was maybe time to play something from his time in Savatage. And when he announced “Nothings Going On” did the crowd went completely mad. But that wasn’t the only song from the Savatage era, both “Edge Of Thorns” and “Taunting Cobras” followed before it was time for Stevens and the rest of the band to go off stage.

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And even though the crowd wanted more didn’t Circle II Circle come on stage again. The band had played for 90 minutes and delivered a flawless show. It was technical, complex and tight and everyone in the band had their own chance to shine with longer lead guitar parts by booth guitar players and a short drum solo. The light and the sound were immaculate; the only negative thing I have to say is that a few of my favorite songs weren’t on the set list and too many songs that was taken from the bands new album, besides that it was a magical evening.




This was another brilliant booking that The Rock had done and the venue is sure worth to visiting if you are in Copenhagen.




 Set list

Fatal Warning

Dead Of Dawn



Sea Of White

Heal You


Chase The Lies




So Many Reasons

If I Go Away

Watching In Silence

Nothings Going On

Taunting Cobras

Edge Of Thorns



 Big thanks to The Boss of The Rock Nils Kroyer for help with press/photo-pass to the show.

Thanks to the nice staff and security at The Rock for good treatment.

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