The Black Curse Over Hellsinki April 2009


The Black Curse Over Hellsinki was a two-day black metal mass festival arranged in the mid of April. During two days, the most obscure and nihilistic black metal outfits got on the stage to spread their own blasphemic messages in front of hundreds of people. However, the second day was without any doubts extremely tempting and interesting because of the headliner of the day being Root hailing from Republic Czechia and two leading black metal names Impaled Nazarene and Enochian Crescent. As usual hundreds of people had arrived to testify the ritual during these days and especially the venue was entirely packed on the second day.

Flame were terrorizing and doing their set when people entered the venue. The three piece black metal combo’s raw and nihilistic approach fit more than perfectly to the event as each band had the identity of their sound. The outfit’s stuff definitely appeals more to the old school black metal puritanists willing and looking for more grim, raw sounding chaos and mayhem. Above all, the members of Flames have been involved and still are involved in the Finnish black metal legends URN as well as Barathrum, therefore each of you familiar with those names know what to expect from Flame – primitive, savage and uncompromising raw black metal.

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Enochian Crescent is one of the more controversial black metal bands out of Finland. The group hasn’t been seen the stage that often, therefore seeing the Cresent at the festival was a welcomed opportunity. There was some kind of mystical vibe already felt in the air, creating an expected feeling from Enochian Crescent and above all their show. They had indeed put a lot of effort to the show for sure.

Above all the frontman’s stage performance was unforgettable as slitting the skin of rib cage and chest with the scissors and drinking blood. Of course, his clothes definitely are insane, looking as he had escaped from an asylum.  

Before the five piece left the stage, obviously some pillow was torn apart and feathers were floating in the air. As a result of this organizers didn’t have a choice, but pick up a brush and clean up the mess. Enochian Crescent’s latest output  BLACK CHURCH came out already by Enochian Crescent back in 2006. A new album is obviously on the works cos a new song titled “Lyijysiipi” belonged to the setlist. In general as to the setlist, the obvious classic cult pickups got played at the fest such as “Crescentian”  “Black Church” “Mathilde” and etc. Enochian Crescent have the world of the sounds how the whole band can be recognized. The music and image is cold as well as mentally grim resulting cold and obnoxious feeling. But that’s part of the whole basic idea of Enochian Crescent.

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“Me olemme Impaled Nazarene ja Saksa on paska maa” shouted by the band’s frontman Mika Luttinen in the early stage of their set. The Finnish cyber sado, well whatever it is called now, group hammered songs one by one without mercy. Impaled Nazarene is known for being an extreme raw and uncompromising and above all brutal as hell on stage. The gig at the black metal festival didn’t make an exception, just proving how vital and well-oiled war machine Impaled Nazarene is after all. The set consisted of tons of songs picked up even from the first classic album up till the latest MANIFEST album. Even though IN doesn’t gig that much nowadays, but seeing them in an indoor venue is such a rare occasion, which can’t be missed.

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Epic Black Heavy Metal from Republic Czechia by Root fronted by Big Boss visited the soil of Finland a year and half back. Their triumphant return to Finland was surely welcomed as the first gig was arranged in a horrible bar of the suburban area of Helsinki. It is quite a shame as a lot of people decided to leave the venue before Root started, but it didn’t prevent those ones from enjoying the Czechian metal black.     

The band’s  conductor’s age is nearly 60 and for real reasons doesn’t bang and rage all around the stage intensively. Besides Root’s epic black heavy metal needs a more prestigious performance than a normal headbanging. Big Boss influences from the classic music and uses the more opera-wise singing style which fits greatly to the epic metal style. Even though he had to use the help of a separate stand when reading lyrics, but it happened in the sophisticated way. The whole blackish metal mass was concluded by several songs picked up from the classic ZJEVENI album. In general Root’s epic metal sounded great, but it is quite unexpected from them not to show up to do an encore even though the audience demanded. However Root was literally roots of all evil.

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It is nothing, but absolutely amazing to see these kinds of events arranged by Metal Warning and KRK. It is sure that these kinds of events can be expected more from them when Necrodeath, Manialla Road, Taake, Blasphemy will be entering Finland. Just you wait!



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