The New Dominion – …And Kindling Deadly Slumber

Reviewed: May 2009
Released: 2009, Neurotic Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Bruce Sanchez

…AND KINDLING DEADLY SLUMBER is the first full-length from Dutch band The New Dominion. The album treats the listener to quality melodic metal steeped in guitar harmonies, and an array of vocal styles.

Sometimes the vocals are straight death metal growls; sometimes they’re clean; sometimes they’re Gothenburg thrash style. But never are they lame and boring. Normally this would seem odd and distracting, but it always fits. The vocals always blend in perfectly with the underlying music. And by underlying, I don’t mean the vocals are pushed up to the front of the mix. They are at the level they should be: woven in with the rest of the music, yet still distinguishable. The guitar work is superb and just as varied as the vocals. It all flows perfectly as it goes from chugging heavy to semi-acoustic in one beat. The album is interspersed with a couple short arrangements that act as interludes between tracks. I can’t really figure out their purpose. They don’t seem to separate the album in any way, and don’t really add much. They’re good numbers, so I won\’t knock them, but they aren\’t really necessary.

This is a good offering from The New Dominion. Definitely worth a listen.


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Track Listing:
1. Shock and Awe
2. The Homecoming
3. Face-Off the Sick
4. As I Wither Alone
5. Worshipping Titans of Murder
6. Dead Cloud Serenity
7. Predisposition: Feed, Crawl & Deprave
8. The Plague Syndicate
9. Inertia
10. Underneath the Gangrene Seduction
11. Disembodiment
12. Incineration Millennium

Bart – Vocals
Tom – Guitar
Michiel – Guitar
Yuma – Drums
Stip – Bass