Man Of Kin – Lock and Load

Reviewed: May 2009
Released: 2009, Independent
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Stu Occupier

The emergence of recent UK talent just goes from strength to strength for here we are presented with another example of first class metal that can be filed under NWOBHM 2009. It has just taken 14 months for Man of Kin to go from formation to debut album whilst building up a huge following based on explosive live shows.

When hitting Play, be warned because it does not so much start as detonate!
My initial reaction is that I haven\’t heard anything this good in this style since first discovering Sepultura 24 years ago. This is perfectly executed with Jaz\’s screaming vocals tearing through the speakers only interrupted for scathing guitar work and incredible drumming.

Then we hit \”I Swear To God\”, boy does this punch, with a real groove/thrash bang your head up and down until neck death. Then towards the end it has this really nice and quiet bit with some seriously melodic guitar and Jaz proving he has a great singing voice, it just ends the song song well.

\”Primitive\” is another stand out track, a powerchord heavy beast with a real catchy chorus that is guaranteed to get everybody singing along at the live shows and in the comfort of your home. For me the last great stand out track is \”Undone\”: an almost bluesy intro with some superb guitarwork leads you into a brutal aural assault before switching back to that blues melody and finishing with the aggression that echoes throughout this album.

All in all LOCK AND LOAD is a masterpiece of modern British metal that you should own.


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Track Listing:
01.Russian Roulette
03.Don\’t Let The Bastards Grind Us Down
04.I Swear To God

Jaz Oberoi (Vocals)
Julian Martin-Samos (Rhythm/Lead Guitars)
Jon Coakley (Guitar)
Carl Stanley (Bass)
Rob Halliday (Drums)