Nasty Idols – Bassist Dick Qwarfort


Glam/Sleazy hardrockers Nasty Idols, from Malmoe, Sweden, are now back with a brand new album. I had the opportunity to talk to bass player Dick Qwarfort. We talked about the new album, the past and the future of the band and about Qwarfort himself.

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Sound Pollution for the promo pictures of the band

Pictures taken by: Erland Andersson and Patrik Shannong






Hi Dick, I hope everything is alright. I have a lot of questions to ask you about Nasty Idols and the new Nasty Idols album so let’s kick off the interview right away.

Yes let do so, hit me.

Let’s start with talking about the new Nasty Idols album BOYS TOWN that you recently released. How long did it take to write and record the album?


Little less than a year I believe.


Have you written anything of the material? I know that singer Andy Pierce writes the main material in the band, how is it to co-write with Pierce?


How‘s Andy Pierce ah, you mean the singer I’ve hired for my album..

Great I know him for over 20 years now…and yes I’ve written songs on “Boys Town”.


Were there many songs that didn’t make it on to the final edition of the album?


Not that many and some spawned out of the rejected ones. Like “Evil One”.



Is Nasty Idols a democracy or who’s the boss in the band?


We all cut our share and decide if it’s good or bad, songs or whatever for the better good of Nasty Idols.


You have featured a cover “Method To My Madness” on the album, who has done the original and why did you chose to feature that cover?


Andy had it on a mixed tape when he was young and it was his turn to pick one, Ha! Ha. I did it last time and it was Dead Kennedys “Too Drunk too Fuck”, I think it turned out great, and late (R.I.P.) Stiv Bators old girlfriend liked it and said, it was a great honor.


What do you think of the cover art-work of BOYS TOWN?

Do you think it reflects the bands music and attitude? 

Perfectly, that’s the best cover and look of Nasty Idols ever!

Who has done the cover-artwork?


Q-art and Sleeve production!


You did record BOYS TOWN in CMS Studio in Malmoe,who runs that studio and have any other known acts recorded their albums there?


Matti Engdahl is the guy behind the wheels and I don’t know the history of the studio!



Why didn’t you record the album at Berno Studio where you did record all of your previous albums?


He’s doesn’t live in Sweden anymore and yes he’s the one behind the over albums!


Matti Engdahl has co-produced the album together with Pierce, can you tell us who Engdahl is and which artists/bands he has worked with before?


He played in a party band before with other friends of us!


What’s it like to be produced by Pierce?

What do you think is his strongest feature as producer?


I’m a slave to the grind every time I go to the studio when his there!

Determent I guess..!



Do you think that older fans are gonna recognize Nasty Idols on BOYS TOWN?


From the first song to the last, it even smells Nasty Idols!


Personally I think the band music-wise stay within the frames of the old Nasty Idols sound however it feels like you have approached a little darker side of the original sound. Do you think that Nasty Idols have developed musically or have re-fined their music anything over the years?


We narrowed it down I think with a little more edge to it this time.


Do you have any personal favorite track on BOYS TOWN? If so which one(s)?


Uh, I like all of them, but “Scar for Life” and “Evil One” is my favorites, but I think its one hell of an album and I believe it’s our best!


Did you rehearse a lot before you entered the studio and started to record the album?


Off course you got to have the right vibe before you enter the studio…it costs money like hell!


The first CDS out of the disc is “48 Hours”, is the single available in stores now? And do you have any plans on shooting a video to the song?


No, the video after “Method to my Madness” will be “Boys Town”!


Have you had any releaseparty for the album yet? If so when and where did it take place?


No, but we will kick off the first concert 30 may at “The Rock” in Copenhagen, Denmark.



Have you read any reviews of BOYS TOWN yet? I know you have had some really great reviews, how does that feel?


Super, we’re really got something here going on.



Is there any difference in between how media in Scandinavia compared media in the rest the world receives your albums, if so in what way?


A little bit cooler in Scandinavia but not a lot, perhaps you can’t be a prophet in your own country.


Do you usually read reviews and what the press writes about the band?


Everything we get our hands on!


Are you satisfied with the album? Do you feel that something could have been done in a different way now that you look back on the recording?


Perhaps, but that’s just minor details, we had a dead line.




You are signed to a new label, Metal Heaven, why did you sign on for them?


Because they put up with the money without asking any questions, they believed in us.


Are you happy with the PR and the work the label have put into the album so far?


Metal Heaven is great I can only praise them.


Were there many labels that were interested in signing a contract with Nasty Idols?


Yes, but Metal Heaven won.



Why did you end your co-operation with Swedmetal?


Lack of money, but they did what ever they could.


What’s the main difference with being on Metal Heaven compared to Swedmetal?


Little more organized perhaps, but we see what the future got in store.


For how many albums are you signed for at Metal Heaven?


One more I think.


Do you see any problems or difficulties with the fact that Metal Heaven not being based in Sweden?


Not at all, I think they can see more potent in us than a Swedish label will.


Swedmetal did re-release your older albums in 2006, were they released world wide or only in Europe?


Europe with connections, we gonna see how it all turns out.


During 2007 came your second DVD REJECTS ON THE ROAD out, what do you think of that DVD today? Are you happy with it?


It was a reunion so and let’s take it for what it is, now it’s I should have longer hair Ha! Ha!


Who owns the legal rights to your older albums today? I mean you have been on several record labels during the years?


I have no Idea, we I guess.


The first editions of your albums are out of print today, are they of any value today?


You tell me I got some of them in my basement, want to trade?


Are the older albums still available in stores today?


Off course.


Is BOYS TOWN released world wide today?


No only Europe, but we will conquer the whole world!


Dick Qwarfort


Why did you guys put Nasty Idols to rest in 1995? Was it a common decision to do that?


Nobody liked us, especially those grunge people.


What did you do after the break up of the band? Have you been involved on other acts besides Nasty Idols?


Noting, just laying on the sofa waiting for someone to call.


I know that Pierce after the split did a solo album and some bands, what do you think of that them?


I haven’t listened to them especially, I was in a coma, but I did write one of the songs on United Enemies album.



Did you keep in touch with Pierce and Espinoza during the years that Nasty Idols were asleep?


No, I had other things to do.



Who got the idea on re-form the band once again, and how did you feel towards a re-union of the band?


Loved it, I’m all Nasty Idols.


Have you continuing playing bass when the band was on ice?


No, its sounds like shit when you play bass without the other instruments.



Did you have to learn all of the songs all over again?


No, it’s like riding a bike; I’ve got “songs like “Alive n’ Kickin’” and “Cool Way of Living” pumping in my veins.


I know that Espinoza also have been involved in other acts, what do you think of the music he’s done in other acts?


I haven’t listen too much of that either.


At the time when Nasty Idols split up could you ever imagine that you guys were gonna re-unite?


No way, but I did have a nasty Idols wall in my cellar.


Do you have any idol or role model that first got you interested in music and to pick up the bass guitar?


Sex Pistols, it’s their entire fault.


Now and then


It was you and Pierce who originally formed Nasty Idols, are you happy with what the band have achieved so far?


Yes, especially then you look at all the clips and shit I’ve got, everyone else got pictures and videos of their families I got Nasty Idols.


You two are the only remaining original members since the start back in 1988; do you and Pierce have any contact with the older members in Nasty Idols?


Not so much, we all grow apart from each other.


What do you think of your debut album GIGOLOS ON PAROLE today? When I asked Pierce he said that it was crap and not any good.


You mean “Gigolos on the Parole” it’s the worst album ever recorded, we should go to history for that.


And how do you look upon the following albums CRUEL INTENTION and VICIOUS today?


Great ones, “Vicious” is a little to sharp in the sound but got great songs, otherwise I love them.


Nasty Idols have cult-status today, what’s it like to be considered as a hero for some fans?


Coooooooool, I’m a hero..?… Tell that to my parents and see if they agree!


How did you feel when the band split up in 1995?


Great, now I don’t have to wear make-up on daily bases!


Despite the fact that you had decided to break up you still recorded the album HEROES FOR SALE that never was released, do you think it was the right decision to not release the album at that time?


That whole time was a big blur, but some good songs came out of it and some fans says that’s the best …??!! Album!


When HEROES FOR SALE finally was released by Perris Records in 2002, what did you think of the album then? Had it stand the test of time?


Yeah, that’s the best we could do in that time, and the opener is a killer!


Which ones of the older Nasty Idols albums are you most satisfied with?


It must be “Cruel Intention”


Your older albums have also been released several times as “best of” collections, who’s idea was it to re-release all of the discs again?


Swedmetal, they thought still there was a market!



Who took the imitative to re-unite the band again in 2006?


That will be…Sweden Rock Festival…!


How does it feel to be back in the band again?


Uh, I never thought I was out, but it feels great!


But your old drummer Stanley isn’t with the “new” Nasty Idols anymore, why?


He didn’t want to!


Nasty Idols did a few live shows during 2006/07, how was it to meet the fans again?


Great see fans younger than our first album singing along all the songs, you can’t beat that.


Did you do a lot of shows during 2006/07? I know a few shows were cancelled.


Yeah, but we manage to play in Sweden, Denmark, Italy and England.


Are there any plans on going out on tour now that BOYS TOWN is out? And now with the summer coming on, do you have any festival shows booked?


We’re planning everything right now; we did the album so we could go on another tour.


Are you guy’s active on MySpace? I know that both the band as well as all of the members has their own personal site on MySpace?


Then there is time, I like to chat with people.


Do you get a lot of mail from fans on MySpace? What is the most common question you get from fans?


Are you single…!? And -where do you live so I can punch your face in!


You also have got quite a few fan-sites on MySpace; do you collaborate with any of them?


Not me but Andy perhaps do that.



For those who haven’t seen the band live on stage yet, what’s it like to attend a live show with Nasty Idols?


Look at some YouTube clips and you find out or play our new video it’s pretty much like that!


Who in the band is the face out; I mean which members do most of the interviews and so on?


That will be Dick Qwarfort and Andy Pierce how is that.


The glam/sleaze genre has got a huge revival during the past few years, many of the old bands have got a revival but many new young acts have also got their breakthrough. Do you have any favorite acts amongst the new bands and what do you think of the glam/sleaze revival?


We ride on it so I love it; I like Veins of Jenna a lot.


Can you see any new acts that have been influenced by Nasty Idols?


All of them…Ha! Ha!


How important is image to Nasty Idols today? What is most important, image or music?


Music off course, without the music it’s nothing!


During 2007 you did release the CDS “Need The Night”, what did the media and the fans think of that CDS? Is it available in stores?


No, it was just something to keep people knowing that we still were around.


Are there any plans to make it big in USA/Canada?


Perhaps, we see what happens; Metal Heaven got some contacts there too!


What are the plans for Asia, I know that your old albums have been released there? Do you have any plans to make it big in Asia with BOYS TOWN?


I don’t know what’s around the corner, but they do sell it there and I got reviews from Asia too!


For how long do you think Nasty Idols are gonna stick around this time?


Another 15 years, or next Saturday who knows!?



Well, that’s was all I had for this time. I really appreciate that you took the time to answer all my questions. Do you have any final words of wisdom for the fans and the readers?


Buy the album, make me a millionaire and join our madness…cheers!


Good luck in the future and I hope to see you live on stage really soon. 



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