Soulfly – European Tour 2009 KB in Malmoe, Sweden



Soulfly – headline act

European Tour Spring 2009




26/3 – 2009


Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall






The show of the night was Soulfly and I was really exited to see the legendary Max Cavalera on stage. It seems like every show I have attended so far is on Thursday’s and so was also the case with Soulfly. Cavalera continues to deliver with Soulfly eventhough he last year released the debut album with the newly formed Cavalera Conspiracy. CONQUER is the name of the latest Soulfly release and the band have so far been out on a pretty extended European tour. I am of the opinion that the standard of the Soulfly album have been very varied and sometimes I have wondered what Cavalera has been up to. Why put in flamenco and tribal influences on a metal album? And the metal fans are divided in two groups when it comes to the music of Soulfly. Either you love the band or either you want Cavalera to go back to Sepultura again. I can be counted into the last category.

The hottest club/hardrock venue in the Southern parts of Sweden opened its doors at 20.00 and the opening act was scheduled to go on at 21.00. Incite was the name of the support act but though I hadn’t heard the band before I didn’t pay any closer attention to them or to their music. It was nice to get into the venue because the weather wasn’t the best to be standing outside. To my surprise there weren’t much people at all inside the club and it worried me that the closer it got to the show more people hadn’t turned up. After a short delay did finally the evenings headline act come up on stage.




Members in the band are:

Joe Nunez – drums

Bobby Burns – bass

Marc Rizzo – guitar

Max Cavalera – lead vocals, guitar

And the show kicked off with “Blood Fire War Hate” from the new album and the small but brave crowd did their best to give the band a warm welcome. The show continued on with “Prophecy” and “Primitive”. The band didn’t have anything but their gear and a backdrop on stage which gave the guys plenty of room to move around on. Cavalera looked a bit tired in his camouflage pants and jacket and t-shirt. He thanked the people for being there and moved on with the next song “Seek n Strike”. After the song he said that Soulfly had a brand new album out and that the next song was taken from that album, it was “Enemy Ghost”. Guitarist Rizzo stood solid at the side of Cavalera with a baseball cap over his head. Despite Cavalera having a guitar strapped to him he hardly touched his guitar at all.  It was sad to see that Cavalera took every chance possible to go off stage when it was time for a guitar solo by Rizzo. It didn’t feel like Cavalera did enjoy his time on stage at all.





The evening moved forward with songs like “Tribe” where drummer Burns got his chance to show off with a long drum solo. Then came “Mars” which was taken from the PROPHECY album and the song ended with a longer flamenco-guitar solo by Rizzo and once again Cavalera went off stage. When Cavalera got back he only said two words  and that made the club go crazy. It was “Refuse/Resist” and it seemed like everyone in the audience loved to be hearing the old Sepultura classic and for once Cavalera looked really happy. Then it was time to get back to the new Soulfly album again with songs like “Doom” and “L.O.T.M”. At the end of the last song the support act came up on stage along with three drums and played along in the song which is the same that Sepultura used to do on their shows. Two fans that jumped up on stage also got drum sticks in their hands and were told to play along with the rest of the band. Cavalera told us he wanted to see a proper mosh pit which rapidly was formed in front of the stage. The mosh pit was accompanied by the song “Warmageddon” taken from the new album. “Sirens” and “Fall Of The Sychophants” followed after which Cavalera asked us if we had enough. He was greeted by a big NO and then he kicked off “Frontlines” and “Unleash”. It felt like the audience hadn’t heard the new Soulfly album and was most ecstatic when the older songs were played. Then followed “Defeat U” and “Babylon” before it was time for another crowd-pleaser in the amazing and ground breaking Sepultura song “Roots Bloody Roots”. Burns and Nunez divided the audience into two separate parts and told us to shout against each other in the chorus. At the end Burn’s side won because they shouted the loudest and Cavalera said that he wanted the crowd to sing along in the next song. He then thanked Incite for being the support act and then introduced “Jump The Fuck Up”. In the middle of the song they switched songs and played “Eye For An Eye”. When the last note had faded out said Cavalera said “Thank You” and then left the stage.




Even though the brave crowd screamed for more the band didn’t come out do to encores. Soulfly only performed for about 70 minutes which was a bit poor to say the least. The tired band did what they were expected to do but nothing more besides that. Cavaleras lead vocals sounded so tired to say the least. The power he normally inhabits was totally gone this evening, he on he’s own brought the show down. I was a bit disappointed It felt like the guys only wanted to go home and couldn’t finish off the show soon enough. Sad but true. After this show in Malmoe there where was only one show left to do in Denmark before it was time to go home to the US again.


Thanks to Kristian Kornhage head of press at KB for help with press/photo pass to the show

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Set list


Blood Fire War Hate


Back To Primitive

Seek N Strike

Enemy Ghost







Fall Of The Sychophants



Defeat U/Babylon

Roots Bloody Roots

Jump The Fuck Up/Eye For An Eye