Les Claypool – Of Fungi And Foe

Les Claypool

Of Fungi And Foe

2009, Prawn Song

Rating: 3/5


An interesting and unique set of musical compositions from Primus’ bassist and main man; Les Claypool. Most known to the general public for the song “Tommy The Cat” which was featured on the Bill and Ted soundtrack some years back. However, much time has passed since then Les’ playing still remains in your face.

For the most part the songs tend to blend together a fair bit and do not really standout except in a few instances. One such song is “Red State Girl” with its spoken lyrics. The next standout is “What Would Sir George Martin Do” which begins with a simple marching bass line and some rather different percussion instrument choices. Ending off the disc is “Ol Roscoe” with more of the same instrumentation as was used in “What Would Sir George Martin Do”.

A collection of music that is quite different and may not get many repeated plays on your system but one thing is sure and certain and that is that the album was made for himself and not for record execs that want the sure fire radio hit. The album was well written and very quirky musically and lyrically and avoids any cliché.