Ian Gillan – One Eye To Morrocco

Ian Gillan

One Eye To Morocco

2009, Eagle Records

Rating: 4/5


Deep Purple vocalist delivers a new studio album of a dozen new and original compositions. This is his first studio album of all new material in over a decade and was inspired on his past experience of visiting a foreign land a few years ago.

With his distinct voice, Gillan delivers a powerful yet personal album to his fans and public. The songs on ONE EYE TO MOROCCO come off as more meaningful and emotional than on some of his previous releases. Ian’s vocal delivery on songs such as “Ultimate Groove” sound very soulful while on a track like “No Lotion For That” he just lets go and rocks out. Another great rocker on here is “Texas State Of Mind”. Throughout the album there is a consistent organ sound playing that is very reminiscent of the sound of his old band mate Jon Lord had.

A fantastic disc from Ian Gillan. A release that all Purple fans must own as well as Rock and Classic Rock fans. With this new disc Ian has one eye on the charts as well.