Blaze Bayley – The Tour That Will Not Die at The Rock, Copenhagen, Denmark

Blaze Bayley

The Tour That Will Not Die

The Rock



19/3 – 2009


Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Live pictures by: Anders Sandvall






Blaze Bayley has gone through some rough times the past few years. The most tragic circumstance must be the loss of his wife and I have to admit that I worried about his capacity to do a comeback any time soon. His solo career has had its ups and downs and metal fans have divided themselves to a love or hate battle when it comes to this singer. I actually like his solo albums but have to say that his time in Iron Maiden maybe wasn’t his best time ever. Last year we saw the return of Bayley with the new solo album THE MAN WHO WOULD NOT DIE and maybe the title speaks for itself. So it was with great expectations I headed across the bridge to the capital of Denmark to attend another show at the hardrock mecca The Rock. I had a lot of questions that needed to be answered like how Bayley would be on stage, who were the members in his new band and what songs would be on the set-list.

The Danish support act Ripe was scheduled to be on stage at 9:00 and I arrived to the club at 7:00 to be early in line. In the line I met two other Swedish guys who had travelled 400 kilometers one way to see their metal god Bayley on stage. Bayley truly still has got some hardcore fans with him. They told me that they had bought tickets to the show because it was the only one he did in Scandinavia. At least that was what the guys thought until Bayley unveiled that he was gonna do shows in Sweden as well.

Finally at 9:00 the doors opened and the security welcomed us into the warmth inside the venue. My new acquaintances rushed straight down to the floor to be first in front of the stage. After about 30 minutes the support act went on stage and most of the people in the very small crowd didn’t pay much interest in Ripe. They mostly stood at the bar and ordered beverages. Ripe did 30 minutes on stage which seemed to satisfy their hardcore fans that stood at the front of the stage during the show. When I and the rest of the crowd thought that it was time for Bayley to enter the stage another support act up on stage. Their name was Rain and they came from Italy. It took Rain 40 minutes to finish off their show and luckily the change of gear went really fast and finally it was time for the evenings headline act to enter the stage.




Blaze Bayley

Members in the band are:

Nico Bermudez – guitar

Jay Walsh – guitar

David Bermudez – bass

Larry Peterson – drums

Blaze Bayley – lead vocals

All of the band members rushed on to stage and kicked off the intro while they were waiting for Bayley to come on stage. When he came out the crowd exploded and the first song out is the title song of the new album “The Man Who Would Not Die”. The song transcended straight into “Blackmailer” and after that Bayley thanked everyone for being there and said that it was an honor to be there and playing for us. The next song was also taken from the new album; the song was “Smile Back At Death”. 

The only things on stage were a smaller drum kit and a few Marshall Amps placed on the side. Bayley’s voice sounded really good and he seemed to be in good shape. He thought it was time to go back to the Maiden era and reminisce and kicked off the brilliant “The Clansman”. The small crowd sang a long with him throughout the entire song and it looked like Bayley liked it a lot. Bayley had great communication with the audience through the show and the fans really did their best to support Bayley. Once again he thanked us for being there and said that it felt amazing that so many had come to see him and his band. He said that he had gotten a great response to the new album and that the support from the fans meant everything to him.





“The Launch” and the Maiden song “Lord Of The Flies” continued the now pretty sweaty show. The only one who helped out Bayley with the crowd was bassist Bermudez, the rest of the guys stood safe on their spots. But they were good musicians and the show felt tight and solid. They performed the Iron Maiden songs great but it wouldn’t have hurt if the guys had been a little more active on stage. Bayley seem to be a very humble guy and he said that he was really thankful for being able to be on stage and that we all contributed to making him fulfill his dream of touring and working with music. He said that all of the Blaze t-shirts had sold out twice on this tour and that he was truly blessed for such loyal fans. That brought huge applauds from the audience and the band fired off “Leap Of Faith” taken from the second Blaze solo album. That brought down huge applause from the audience and the band fired off “Leap Of Faith” taken from the second Bayley solo album.






Bayley introduce the song “Identity” with the story that after his time with Iron Maiden he felt a little lost and that he took time to find his own musical identity. “Kill And Destroy” followed and the crowd loved every minute of the all of the songs that Bayley delivered this evening. Even though the audience was small it did its best to make Bayley feel welcomed. Maybe the small amount of people depended on the fact that the Danish metal act Volbeat played across town on the same night. Next up on the set list was the songs “Voices From The Past” and “Crack In The System”, then did Bayley once again take a trip down Iron Maiden lane and did “Futureal”. From where I stood I could estimate the number of people in the venue supporting Bayley to be about 100-150. The last three songs for the evening were “Born As A Stranger”, “Man On The Edge” and “Robot” that Bayley said was the first single from the new album and there is a video to this song you can see on my homepage as well as on YouTube. There were no encores this night because he had played for a really long time. Bayley said that after the show he was gonna go to the merchandise stand to sign and to talk to everyone. After the show he really went down just like he said and he signed and allowed people to take pictures of him. Blaze Bayley is a truly a genuinely nice rock star.




The show lasted for approximately 90 minutes and I thought the set –list as well as the show was brilliant even though I missed a few personal favorite songs. Bayley didn’t disappoint me at all. This was yet another really nice night at The Rock and after this show the tour continued further on down to Germany. Don’t miss Blaze Bayley if he comes to your town, he did a really great job in Copenhagen.



As always a big thank you to Nils Kroyer, head of The Rock for help with press/photo pass.

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