Brainchoke – Introspective

Reviewed: April 2009
Released: 2009, Grindethic
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Stu Occupier

Brainchoke were formed in January 2000 by former members of Suffering and Inimenter to be \”England\’s new force in cool grind/death metal\”. The line up of Simon (drums), Mark (vocals), Kieran, Paul (guitars), and Dave (bass) spent the first eight months of the band\’s existence writing material which evolved into the debut album, MIGRAINE MUSIC.

Positive feedback from gigs prompted the release of MENTAL CLARITY, a six track EP used by the band to show off the progressive writing style with increased depth and song structure. Brainchoke were voted number ten in the \”Best unsigned band\” category of Terrorizer magazine\’s 2001 readers\’ poll. To capitalise on this success, they appeared on the cover-mount CD of the March 2001 issue. In the autumn of 2003, MICROCHIPPED AND MINDCONTROLLED was released as a split CD with U.S. band Fetus Eaters which promptly sold out within a few weeks.

Aside from one further demo there was little activity from the band and in 2005 both Simon and Kieran left the band to concentrate their efforts on other things. Within a week, the band recruited Mike on drums. That pretty much brings us to the latest release INTROSPECTIVE and the news that the band are already back in the studio recording a new EP.

So upon first listen I am asking the question “Why are these guys not a household name?”

Sure we could namecheck everyone from Napalm Death to Nasum as obvious reference points but there is much more here than “Grind-By-Numbers”. There are Black Metal moments here harking back to the old Mayhem days with “2012″ and “Square One” and there is humour here too with that most metal of all guitars the Ukulele making an appearence on “Delusional Patriotism”.

This is a relentless onslaught of metal regardless of genre with every track blasting its everything in its path in 2 minutes or less with the exception of the epic “Past Six Years” which lies somewhere between Death and Progressive metal and is quite stunning!


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Track Listing:
01. 2012
02. Learn The Hard Way
03. Leave This Place
04. IVth Time Lucky
05. Square One
06. Delusional Patriotism
07. Culture Shocked
08. Blue Blood
09. Upward Spiral
10. Spiritual Medication
11. Crystal Clear
12. Erectile Projectile
13. The Brainless And The Blind
14. 1st World Hypocrisy
15. Past Six Years

Pondlife (Bass)
Mike (Drums)
Mark (Vocals)
Paul (Lead Guitar)