Tukkanuotta – Viimeinen Ristiretki

Reviewed: March 2009
Released: 2009, Stay Heavy Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Here´s a straight quotation taken from Tukkanuotta´s own homepage: \”Hailing from Mosa, Kantsu and Sörkka, all ruthless housing projects of Helsinki where riff raff are the ruling class, amphetamine is the government and alcohol the king. Blue collar, white trash, red light, Tukkanuotta annihilates mercilessly its way through the acute and unfriendly songs, paying tribute to the army jacket wearing long-haired fucks and metal masterminds of yesteryears. We got no panty wetting choruses or ice hockey theme songs. Fuck those pretty boys with their lip piercings, 200 euro designer jeans and clean vocals. Tukkanuotta is all about worn out Napalm Death t-shirts, shitty quality Suffocation c-cassettes and hangovers. This is metal and we fucking love it\”.

Well, this is the kind of metal that I love too. This relentless 5-piece unit hailing from the capital of Finland, Helsinki, has chosen to perform their dose of metal in Finnish, combining some certain ingredients from death metal, thrash metal, grind gore and even black metal (mostly vocal-wise though). Small portions of every extreme metal genre really. Unlike most other extreme bands, Tukkanuotta do their thing a bit into this ´tongue-in-cheek´ vein on this 5-track EP (or mini-CD, whatever you prefer calling it). The music surely sounds very familiar to many of our ears who have just happened to dig the type of shit they do. Obviously bands from Napalm Death to Slayer have made regular visits on these fellows´ turntables when they were kids and growing their hair in the middle of the worst identity crises.

Despite the band´s entertaining values, its rough charm seems to wear off way too soon. Perhaps because this ain´t the first time for any fans with taste for some harsher and more brutal sounding metal to hear something like what the Tukkanuotta camp does. It´s all good – hell yeah, but they don´t crack the whip with this effort – not yet anyway. Still, quite fuckin´ listenable and enjoyable stuff although nothing groundbreaking or innovative on the face of the earth any more.


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Track Listing:
01. Viimeinen Ristiretki
02. Tee-Se-Itse Murha
03. Kuoleman Kieli
04. Ragazzi Raflis
05. Kylpylässä

Ultimake – Vocals
Goreppo – Guitar
Rally-Mikko – Guitar
Pertti Olo – Bass
Mälli-Timo – Drums