Richie Kotzen live European tour 2009 at The Rock Copenhagen Denmark


Richie Kotzen

European tour 2009

The Rock



27/1 – 2009


Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Pictures by: Anders Sandvall




One of the first shows for this year was Richie Kotzen at The Rock in Copenhagen Denmark. He does very few shows in Scandinavia and this show was the one and only that he did in Scandinavia this time. Kotzen has recently released a single live CD titled LIVE IN SAO PAULO as well as the separate DVD BOOTLEGGED IN BRAZIL. Prior to this particular show he had been performing in the Baltic States and the day after the show he went to Germany. Kotzen is known for keeping himself and his shows within the US , iAsia and South America so you can believe that I was really psyched to see the man live in action.

This show took place on a Tuesday night and because of that The Rock did not have any night club after taking place after the show. The doors opened at 8  and the support act, Karma Cowboys kicked off the evening at 9. The thing that surprised me the most this night was the small number of people that had come to witness this rare occasion.

Richie Kotzen

His band consisted of:

David Filice – bass

Demian Arriaga – drums

Richie Kotzen – lead vocals, guitar

The band didn’t have much equipment or props on stage; it was just the necessary stuff like amps and so on. The band was spread out on stage and there weren’t anyone standing in the middle as it uses to be. Kotzen stood at the right of the stage and across him stood Filice. “Loosing My Mind” and “Fooled Again” opened the show and despite the fact that The Rock has an extraordinary lighting system didn’t the guys have enough light on them. The small but brave crowd that had turned up for the show did their best to welcome Kotzen and band and they cheered and screamed at the top of their lungs.

Kotzen looked a little nervous on stage and didn’t do a lot of talking in between the songs at all. His two musicians weren’t doing nothing more than play and I guess that was what they’re supposed to do.  “Faith” continued the show and during the song did one of Kotzen’s crew members come up to me to say that Kotzen didn’t like that I used the flash on my camera. It was the very first time that something like that ever happened me and if Kotzen had such demands one can think that he could have told me earlier and not during the show. And it’s because of that there are only a few pictures featured in this review. I couldn’t simply use my camera properly.




Kotzen continued on with “So Cold” and “Change” and the sound was really great this evening, it’s nice to be at a club that has a proper sound and lighting system. Kotzen sings just as good as he plays the guitar. But something that I lacked during the entire show was some presence and some interest from Kotzen. It felt mostly like he was somewhere else and not on the stage. He looked a bit confused and sometimes unpleasant up on stage which was sad. When he has travelled all the way to Scandinavia it would have been nice to see some sort of commitment on stage. “High” is followed by “Remember” and Kotzen varies between performing songs from his solo albums as well as songs from some of his projects. The music this evening was dominated by soul/ funk rock’n’roll and not the retro 70’s hardrock or the melodic hardrock that he’s also dedicated to. Next up on the set list was “Shapes Of Things”, “Doin’ What The Devil Says To Do”, “Go Faster” and “Shine”. Kotzen announced that the song “Stand” was gonna end the show. The crowd wanted more from Kotzen and his band and screamed for them to come back on stage.



The first encore was “You Can’t Save me” that went straight into “Mother Heads Family Reunion” which ended the show. Kotzen and his band spend about 80 minutes altogether on the stage which felt pretty OK. It was sad though that the audience was so small and that Kotzen looked like he didn’t want to be on stage. But my expectations were fulfilled and I could go to the train like a happy camper. In Kotzen’s defense I have to say that straight after the show he walked out to the audience and stood at the bar and talked to everyone that came up. It’s not many stars that do that today. All credits should go to Kotzen for doing that. Thanks a lot to The Rock for booking and bringing this act to Denmark.


A big thank you goes out to Nils Kroyer head of The Rock for help with photo and press pass. And as always a shout of to the nice staff at The Rock.

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Loosing My Mind

Fooled Again


So Cold




Shapes Of Things

Doin’ What The Devil Says To Do

Go Faster




You Can’t Save Me

Mother Heads Family Reunion