Edguy at Tinnitus Over Europe 2009 at KB in Malmoe, Sweden


Tinnitus Over Europe 2009

First Leg Of The Tour


Malmoe, Sweden

5/2 – 2009


Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Pictures by: Anders Sandvall




Edguy’s latest studio album, TINNITUS SANCTUS, was released at the end of last year. The band is currently out on tour supporting the album and at the beginning of February the band stopped in Malmoe to perform at the honorary music club Kulturbolaget. Lead singer Tobias Sammet spent most of last year promoting  the third album of his metal opera Avantasia which he also brought out on the road last summer. But now it’s time for Sammet to focus and spend time with his main act Edguy. The tours only stop in Scandinavia was in Sweden and Malmoe is one of the last stops on the European tour. Edguy brought along two support acts. Swedish H.E.A.T is supporting Edguy on the entire European tour while Andre Matos only took part on some of the tour. Another Swedish act All Ends was also support act this particular evening. I think it was the first time that Edguy played in Malmoe and it was gonna be fun to see the band perform for such an intimate crowd as 750 people.

The doors opened at 6:30 and the music was supposed to go silent at 12:00. It was an all ages show so everyone from the age of 13 was aloud into the venue. I ran into parts of the band earlier during the day, the only one I didn’t meet was Sammet, but the rest of the band was really nice and friendly.

The line to the venue grew long quite fast and the club was totally sold out. It was fun to see people of all ages in the club and it’s great to see that younger kids are continuing to carry on the hardrock and metal culture into the future. There were no fences in front of the stage and I was only allowed to take pictures during the first three songs and that’s why there aren’t so many pictures available in the review.

H.E.A.T was first to enter the stage and a lot of fans of H.E.A.T had occupied the front area of the stage. I didn’t think that the band had so many fans but apparently the band is the next big thing in Sweden at the moment. News magazines call them the next Europe. What I think of them is another story and not suitable to put in words.

Well, H.E.A.T got 30 minutes and after a short change of gear was it time for All Ends to go on stage. For me that only meant more and more waiting for Edguy and I got myself a beer in the bar to kill time. And finally, at about 21.40 were the stage lit again and the evenings headline act Edguy walked on.





Felix Bohnke – drums

Jens Ludwig – guitar, b-vox

Dirk Sauer – guitar, b-vox

Tobias “Eggi” Exxel – bass, b-vox

Tobias Sammet – lead vocals

The crowd exploded in cheers and went totally ballistic when the Edguy kicked off the show with “Dead Or Rock”. Bohnke sat behind a huge drum-kit and in front of an enormous backdrop showing the cover of the new album. On each side of the stage were two gigantic ramps placed and it looked like they had been built of bricks. Kulturbolaget has a pretty deep and wide stage so all of the band members had a lot of space to move around on, which they all did. Sammet was everywhere on stage and he said that it was great fun to be performing in Malmoe this night. He said it was about 3 years ago since Edguy last played in Sweden and that it was about time that they made it to Sweden once again. Then he introduced “Until We Rise Again” which was followed by “The Pharaoh” and “Ministry Of Saints, the last song was taken from the new album TINNITUS SANCTUS.

Sammet worked really hard and already in the third song did Kulturbolaget boil, sweat ran from the ceiling and I’m surprised that no one in the audience fainted. Sammet has an amazing voice and he is an amazing and spontaneous front man. There was a longer bass solo by Exxel in “The Pharaoh” which he did while he sat on Bohnke’s drum podium. After that there was a longer guitar solo by Ludwig, to be honest I’m quite tired off solos but I guess it can be necessary because then the singer, in this case Sammet, has a few minutes to go off stage to rest his voice a bit. The show did loose a bit of speed and intensity when those songs were performed. And like that wasn’t enough did all of the members except for Bohnke of stage and it was time for a drum solo. I have seen a million drum solos and the only special with this particular one was that he played the Twisted Sister song “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and that the audience sang the chorus to it. Otherwise Bohnke’s 8 minute drum solo a real show stopper.




“Theater Of Salvation” and “The Headless Game” were fired off when the rest of the members came back on stage. Sammet left the chorus to the audience in the last song and he said that they sounded like Hammerfall and sang Let The Hammer Fall a few times before he continued on with the song. After that it was once again time to go back to the new album and do the song The Pride Of Creation” in which the H.E.A.T singer Kenny Leckremo came up on stage to sing with Sammet. Their voices fitted perfect together and it sure spiced up the song. Then followed “Rocket Ride” and the slow ballad “Save Me” in which all of the H.E.A.T members came up on the stage and started to undress themselves, they brushed their teeth and got ready to go to bed and a few of the H.E.A.T members actually laid down on the brick ramps. Edguy just laughed and continued to play, they laughed so much that they actually couldn’t continue playing so they stopped in the middle of the song so they had to start over again. It was a really funny way of ending this leg of the tour.





Sammet thanked everyone for being there this evening and promised that Edguy will return to Sweden and Malmoe again in three years. Last song out on the ordinary set list was the amazing “Superheroes” in which Sammet wanted everyone in the club to sing along in. After the band had left the stage and 1.20 had past did the sweaty crowd wanted more and more and more from the band. And of course did Edguy come up on stage again to do encores. The first encore was a song that Sammet though reminded him of the Swedish act Europe, it was the song “Vain Glory Opera” and also in this song the audience sang a long quite heavily. Next up was another love song, “Lavatory Love Machine” and the show was ended with “King Of Fools” At the end of the song Sammet let each side of the venue sing towards each other and when the show was over I think that every single fan had gotten exactly what they wanted. Edguy delivered a stunning show with few flaws. The crowd was amazing and it’s not everyday that the ceiling and the walls of Kulturbolaget are dripping with sweat. This was sure one of the more memorable shows that Edguy has ever played here in Sweden. The band did fine with out any pyro and without the big backline the guys had when they played here before as headliners. This was an intimate show and they did a very good job. I really hope that the guys come back soon and that we don’t have to wait another three years to see and hear them live. Once again KB showed that they are one of the best hardrock/metal clubs in Sweden, it was a genius move to book Edguy to KB.


A huge thank you to the head of Kulturbolaget, Totte Lundberg for help with press/photo pass to the show.


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Dead Or Rock

Tears Of A Mandrake

Until We Rise Again

The Pharaoh

Ministry Of Saints

Drum Solo

The Headless Game

Pride Of Creation

Save Me



Vain Glory Opera

Lavatory Love Machine

King Of Fools