Jeff Beck – Performing This Week…Live At Ronnie Scott’s

Jeff Beck

Performing This Week…Live At Ronnie Scott’s

2008, Eagle Records

Rating: 4/5

Jeff Beck is one of the most influential guitarists of all time. He was recorded last year during a stopover at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. During his stay at the club he performed everything from Blues to Beatles to Boogie much to the satisfaction of the audience and now to the public thanks to this release.

Opening the disc is his infamous “Beck’s Bolero” and from this moment on he didn’t let up. The clean sound of the strat is something that just lends itself to blues rock perfectly. It is the perfect match. The sound quality is amazing and everything is mixed exceptionally well especially Vinnie’s drums which are one of the most in your face aspects of the performance. There are times you hardly miss there not being a singer present as the music just takes you to that next level. His rendition of The Beatles’ “ A Day In The Life” is interesting to say the least. Hearing the ever familiar song without all the studio sounds and effects of the original is very different to say the least. Beck manages to pull it off and still create the suspense at the end.

An excellent live guitar disc for every player out there. For the average person out there it may not be your cup of tea but one this is for certain; Jeff Beck is one of the greatest guitarists in the world.